Stefan Fiel, Markus Diem and Florian Kleber
Computer Vision Lab
Vienna University of Technology


Fabian Hollaus (implemented the pseudo color function)
Petr Vanek (mac, openSUSE and Fedora ports)
Elbert Pol (OS2 port)

GSoC Students

Fedor Morzov (High Dynamic Range Imaging)
Tim Jerman (RAW Loader, Plugin System, ZIP Archives)

For feature requests and bug reports please use our bug tracking system

or write us an email:

21 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi, really like your application, it is a great replacement for the Standard Windows Photo viewer (shudder)

    Just a quick question I may be missing a trick but is there a way to bypass the print preview screen when printing images?

    Thanks again for the great tool.

    1. Hi,
      thanks you

      currently there is no possibility to bypass the print preview dialog. The idea is good but the problem is that imho every user will except a different behavior for printing (especially concerning the dpi of the image (some images don’t have this information stored in the meta data and we have to guess), landscape/portrait mode a.s.o). If you have a suggestion how to satisfy everyone we will think about implementing this option.


  2. I’ve been impressed with this little program so far.
    One thing I’ve been looking for in an image viewer but only xnview has it, is the use of tabs, but even there is lacking in functionality.
    I would love to see a more robust use of tabs in an image viewer, like the tab system in firefox or chrome, and be able to save the session with all the tabs, even with multiple instances.
    You guys ever considered that option?
    in any case keep up the good work!

  3. Re: Feature 377

    I am the one who posted this. I would have replied sooner but I have been without internet access. Marcus asked me how I knew that nomacs used 2×2 subsampling.

    That’s easy. I saved a JPEG in nomacs then opened it in IrfanView and looked under Image Info.

    It is really unfortunate that it is not straightforward to implement. I used to use FastStone Image Viewer for cropping, resizing and saving the final JPEGs.

    Your area resizing option is much better on my test patterns than the best of FS’s which is Lanczos 3. The Lanczos algorithm has ringing problems. So now I use nomacs for cropping and resizing and save the results as a PNG which I open is FS to save as a JPEG with no subsampling.

    I was hoping to be able to eliminate FS Viewer, but I guess that won’t be happening.

    Any how, thanks for a great program.

    Bob Curran

  4. Hi`

    i`m new using this nomacs and i like it. It small, light and portable.
    I like that nomacs support frameless option to.
    Few requests about it, could you add options to allow picture to always stay on top? and options to allow image to view in certain fix ratio/size?
    when i use 2 or 3 frameless i want to place it in side/bottom screen/specific place, and i want it to always stay on top and can be display in specific/small ratio not always in original size, so when i check/compare my images i still can do other things to.
    sorry for my bad english.
    Keep up the great works


    1. Hi zen,

      thanks for your request. the ‘always on top’ option is currently not implemented. but you can keep size/ratio. therefore you have to open preferences (CTRL+SHIFT P), navigate there to Display (you might need to check Advanced at the bottom right). in the Zoom Group you have three options for scale behavior when switching between images. if you choose ‘always keep zoom’ the images will keep their size…

      regards markus

  5. Hi
    Forgive my poor English.
    I have a question:
    In spite of the fact that I have the option uncheck still me one appears ”Menu” a few seconds again when I initiate Nomacs (Panels->Toolbars->Menu). I do not like this delay in hiding itself. I would like that it was something instantaneous. Might it do something in order that the Menu was not late a few seconds of more in hiding itself?

  6. Brillant.
    I like this viewer a lot.
    It offers good features and easy usability.
    But you really should be solving the bug about not ordering files.
    It just doesn’t order by filename, it seems random most of the time.

      1. hi,
        we are working on it. it is not included in 2.0.2 … in the current developer branch the sorting is better but still has problems with special naming. Hopefully in the next version we have a solution which satisfies all our/your needs.


  7. This project looks excellent, really nice way to display images.

    One request:
    I would like a ‘double click’ to open a directory rather than rename it.

    1. hi,

      are you talking about the File Explorer panel? If so, you can right click in the panel and uncheck ‘Editable’. Folders are then opened on double click rather than renamed.


  8. Hi guys,
    I am very very impressed with your Nomacs viewer. It is now my favorite and preferred viewer… so much so that I want to uninstalled Windows viewer, but it seems that since I’m using the portable version, I could not find a way to make it the default viewer.
    You have everything else… did I miss it ?

    I am a corporate consultant, and therefore I’m picky about organization. Your viewer is full of features that are just perfect for me. I like using the scroll wheel to change pictures without having to click on anything like other viewer do… or to dig into the system looking for the folder to open images… blah.
    Yours is just right. Now, if only folks got to experience what you have, and if they were to find it useful like I do, then this could go in useful directions for you.

    Thanks for being smarter than Microsoft.


    1. Hi Richard,

      sorry for the late reply… Setting nomacs as default viewer does not directly work on Windows 8. If you register the extensions (Edit > Settings > File Filters) Windows will post a message that you have new apps which can handle the file opened from the explorer – there you can chose nomacs. This happens because Microsoft turned off the possibility for apps to register themselves (which is good from a user’s point of view).

      regards, markus

  9. Hi are you aware that Norton AV deletes your programme as a threat if it is downloaded on a machine with Norton installed?

    1. no, we weren’t aware of that. Thank you very much for reporting. We contacted Norton and hopefully they will put nomacs on the whitelist.

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