Nomacs Around the World

Please send us your nomacs Around the World images from your hometown (if possible in a lounge : ) or if you are on holidays. For unity you should load the lena image (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+L) then type lena. Afterwards load the splash screen (F1 on windows or ? -> About Nomacs).

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Prime Numbers

here is a link to our prime number generator. you can search for any prime number (< 4 000 000 000) and generate prime numbers out of any number (> 10000). Please contact us if you want to own your personal prime number. You’ll even get a certificate : ) If the date of your birthday is prime, you can get a custom-design “I AM PRIME” shirt.

James Bomb

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Nomacs recommends:

Russian Vodka Kick – amazing cocktail (anti-hangover), just mix

  • 1 Espresso
  • Coca Cola (same amount as Espresso)
  • squeeze a lemon slice
  • Vodka at your pleasure




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