Adding new file formats

Since the last release we are getting more and more requests if we can support different file formats. Apparently it turned out, that we already support most of them but we have not added the file extension to our file filter. This is especially true for RAW formats of image files, we just simple don’t know all extensions of all manufacturers and we don’t have sample images from all of them for testing.

But there is a simple solution: you can easily try to add new files formats to nomacs. You just have to use File -> Add Image Format – this opens a dialog where you can drop (or load) your images and nomacs will tell you if the file extension is supported. If it is supported it will display the image. After adding the file format you can use our File Filter settings in the preferences dialog to set nomacs as default viewer for these images. If you have successfully added a new file format, please drop us a note in our bug tracker and we will add the extension to nomacs. If nomacs is unable to load you file format, please add a new feature request. If possible attach also the image to the request so we can test it easily.

— the nomacs team

3 thoughts on “Adding new file formats”

  1. Great image viewer but from what I can tell it does not support any video formats (at least not mov, as it skips over those). Is there any talk about adding MOV or other video formats?

    1. hi,
      if nomacs indexes a (large) folder, checking the file extension is by far faster than checking the MIME types – the ‘add new file format’ effectively checks the mime type…

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