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Command Line Options

we have improved/added command line options for nomacs:

Usage: nomacs.exe [options] image


-?, -h, –help                                                               Displays this help.
-v, –version                                                               Displays version information.
-f, –fullscreen                                                           Start in fullscreen.
-p, –private                                                                Start in private mode.
-m, –mode <default | frameless | pseudocolor>        Set the viewing mode <mode>.
-d, –directory <directory>                               Load all files of a <directory>.
-t, –tab <images>                                                   Load <images> to tabs.
–batch <batch-settings-path>                       Batch processing of <batch-settings.pnm>.
–batch-log <log-path.txt>                                Saves batch log to <log-path.txt>.
–import-settings <settings-path.nfo>      Imports the settings from <settings-path.nfo> and saves them.

image                                                                               An input image.



Brand your nomacs

Since nomacs 3, you can change the background image which is displayed on start-up. You just need to place an image called ‘bg.png’ into a folder together with your nomacs.exe. Here is how this looks like:tu-branding

If you add a second file named ‘bgf.png’, the splash screen of the frameless mode will be overwritten.

Tiny Planet

nomacs can turn your photo spheres into Tiny Planets. Therefore, you first need to capture a photo sphere. Here is how you do this in your camera app on Android:

photo-sphereIn nomacs you can choose Edit > Tiny Planet to turn your favorite photo sphere into a tiny planet.

img-2015-12-17 16.50.43In the Tiny Planet dialog, you can adjust the planet’s size and orientation. And here is how the result looks:kalenberg-new-ps

nomacs 3

nomacs 3.0 is out. In the past months we updated all nomacs dependencies and build systems. Along with these changes, nomacs ships with a new installer on Windows. In addition to these changes, we worked on these features:

  • New online installer  – Windowsnomacs-icon3
  • Plugins are now available on Linux
  • Full SVG support
  • Quick Launch added
  • Tiny planet option added
  • Batch processing improved
  • Signed executable – Windows only
  • Libraries updated – Qt 5.5, OpenCV 3
  • Command line arguments added
  • Zoom control improved
  • nomacs learned two new languages – Bulgarian and Ukrainian
  • new plugin: Page Extraction – detects and/or crops document pages

Like other Open Source software, we moved our download pages away from SourceForge. These are the new locations:

— the nomacs team

Support nomacs

nomacs 3 will be released with a brand new & shiny installer. Therefore and for other reasons we will leave sourceforge. To guarantee fast downloads, we will rent a webspace which costs around 50€ (~56.085$).
Now we face two options:

  1. Google AdSense which adds ads to this webpage resulting in an ugly page
  2. You donate

If you donate 50€ until the end of 2015, this page keeps its simple white UI and no ads are added until the end of 2016. There are three ways how to keep an ad-free interface:

  1. a rich contributor donates 50€
  2. every 100th download 2€ are donated
  3. every 100th visitor donates 50 cents

be part of it:

thank you
— the nomacs team

[UPDATE]: we have reached our goal of 50€ – thanks to all donators! As promised, will remain free from ads and nomacs 3.0 will be hosted on a new server which drastically improves the update process.

Of course we will still appreciate any donations (we are far from being a big corp : )