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Release Candidate 0.4

after one year of development, nomacs has become something that we call stable. so we released nomacs 0.4.0 Release Candidate today. For now it’s just windows – nomacs will be released in the next few days for all Operating Systems supported.

new features include:

  • Caching images – results in very short loading time
  • Thumb run-through – fast folder preview
  • Save widget state – widgets remember if they were displayed the last time
  • Additional supported formats – *.mrw (Minolta Raw) and *.rw2 (Panasonic Raw)
  • Improved  RAW display – colors are now more intensive
  • Go To – you can jump to whatever file you like using the new Go To dialog (CTRL+G)
  • Unattended installation parameters – improves batch installation for Windows

and as usual we have fixed some bugs:

  • RAW images for Linux – nomacs did not load raw images with libraw > 0.14.0
  • Save dialog – is now a native OS dialog -> speed up
  • *.bmp save – error message removed
  • Transparency & edit – handling of transparent images (e.g. crop) is corrected
  • … and a bunch of small fixes

Please note that the cacher is deactivated by default. We did so to save RAM for those who use nomacs in order to display every-day-images. Give it a try by changing the preferences: Settings > Resources > Cache Settings

— the nomacs team

nomacs 0.3.2

today we have released version 0.3.2 as you can see in the version number, this is just a minor update which fixes some bugs. additionally we were able to speed up the file indexing on windows (folders with more than 30 000 files are now indexed in 200 ms compared to 2.5 sec). two new features include a percent option in the resize dialog (for those who are lazy in mental arithmetics) and a chinese translation.

— the nomacs team

nomacs 0.3.0 is out

today the official 0.3.0 nomacs was released. For now its just windows, ubuntu will be released tomorrow and all versions for other OS need a bit more time.

new features include:

  • Open with dialog
  • Image cropping
  • Resize image
  • Pseudo Color function
  • Frameless windows
  • Translations
  • Basic support for stereo images (*.mpo, *.jps, *.pns)
  • …and we polished our GUI

In addition we did some under the hood improvements

  • Full unicode support for filenames
  • Start-up time improved
  • Performance improvements for images loaded from network drives

so you see, we did a lot in the last two months : )
enjoy the new nomacs

– the nomacs team

nomacs translations

we are about to release nomacs 0.2.5 (in the next few days). in addition to several bugfixes, performance improvements and features, nomacs will be shipped with translations. currently english, german and russian (thanks to dadatamada) are supported. if you want the new viewer to talk with you in your language you could translate the current UI at

— the nomacs team