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transparent view

a preview of the transparent view of nomacs we’ve implemented a frameless view for nomacs (months ago). it is not stable yet (if you zoom in too much it, nomacs will crash : ). however, if you want to give it a try: just hit F10.
of course we appreciate any feedback (as usual)

— the nomacs team

nomacs 0.2.4 test version

we have added an open with feature (#74) – currently it’s just implemented for windows. we would appreciate, if somebody could test weather the ‘Open With’ dialog automatically detects Photoshop CS4 or older versions, Picasa2 and IrfanView < 4.3.
The dialog should look somehow like that screenshot if it works (and the software is installed on your system)
Here is the test version: windows installer or .zip package

nomacs 0.2.3 released

as small pre-christmas present we’ve just released a new version of nomacs.
we want to thank petr vanek for improving our project infrastructure and shipping nomacs to other operating systems (be surprised : )

new features include:

  • hide player and nasty labels (e.g. loading) on fullscreen (thanks to asen)
  • display information for slideshows
  • format metadata
  • bugfix in network
  • bugfix in save jpg dialog (now the compression rate can be modified again : )

a very merry christmas and a happy new year (as lennon sang)

— the nomacs team

first beta version released

nomacs 0.2.0 is out

new features include:

  • start up time improved
  • locate your geo referenced images on google maps
  • change the image resolution/image size
  • metadata: added path, file size, resolution
  • you can add a temp path – all screenshots or pasted images are stored there
  • sync: panning without position matching (for similar images having a different resolution)
  • set maximal zoom level for the interpolation (you can even turn off interpolation)
  • direct link to bug report/feature request added in the help menu

… and we fixed a lot of bugs

since the project is beta now, you can even recommend it to your grandma : )

nomacs 0.1.2 released

we again fixed some bugs (it should not crash anymore : )
loading images is faster and consumes less RAM
additional ubuntu packages are now provided

new features include:

  • arrange synchronized viewers on screen
  • fast thumbnail scrolling (with mouse wheel)
  • shortcut for sync all added

have fun : )