Release Candidate 0.4

Posted July 25, 2012 by Markus Diem ‐ 2 min read

after one year of development, nomacs has become something that we call stable. so we released nomacs 0.4.0 Release Candidate today. For now it’s just windows – nomacs will be released in the next few days for all Operating Systems supported.

new features include:

  • Caching images – results in very short loading time
  • Thumb run-through – fast folder preview
  • Save widget state – widgets remember if they were displayed the last time
  • Additional supported formats – *.mrw (Minolta Raw) and *.rw2 (Panasonic Raw)
  • Improved  RAW display – colors are now more intensive
  • Go To – you can jump to whatever file you like using the new Go To dialog (CTRL+G)
  • Unattended installation parameters – improves batch installation for Windows

and as usual we have fixed some bugs:

  • RAW images for Linux – nomacs did not load raw images with libraw > 0.14.0
  • Save dialog – is now a native OS dialog -> speed up
  • *.bmp save – error message removed
  • Transparency & edit – handling of transparent images (e.g. crop) is corrected
  • … and a bunch of small fixes

Please note that the cacher is deactivated by default. We did so to save RAM for those who use nomacs in order to display every-day-images. Give it a try by changing the preferences: Settings > Resources > Cache Settings

— the nomacs team