Brand your nomacs

Since nomacs 3, you can change the background image which is displayed on start-up. You just need to place an image called ‘bg.png’ into a folder together with your nomacs.exe. Here is how this looks like:tu-branding

If you add a second file named ‘bgf.png’, the splash screen of the frameless mode will be overwritten.

8 thoughts on “Brand your nomacs”

  1. Hi, is this option still available? For me is doesn’t work, Nomacs 3.16.1709 on Windows 10 21H2, in folder %programfiles%\nomacs\bin.


  2. is there any command-line command that can be entered to do an uninstall or only the add/remove programs? I don’t see any in the HELP contents or on any website.

  3. good morning
    is possible setting to view mode
    no access for print, save, save as

    only view


    Jose Camargo

  4. Are there any requirements for the bg.png file?
    I tried placing a bg.png file in C:\Program Files (x86)\nomacs\nomacs-x64 and I also tried it in C:\Program Files (x86)\nomacs and neither of them seemed to work in branding the application (replacing the wineglass image).

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