Multi User Systems

in nomacs 3.10.2 we have added a better multi user support because of your feedback.

Basically you can now create default settings that are applied to all user settings after the first start-up. Therefore, you have to export your desired defaults by “Edit > Settings > General > Export Settings” and name them “default.ini“. If you now replace the default.ini in the nomacs install directory, these settings will be applied if a new user starts nomacs for the first time.

– the nomacs team

HINT: the check for updates option is an issue for some large companies. Creating a default.ini with this content:


will disable checking for updates. Additionally, users won’t be able to manually check for updates anymore.


Command Line Options

we have improved/added command line options for nomacs:

Usage: nomacs.exe [options] image


-?, -h, –help                                                               Displays this help.
-v, –version                                                               Displays version information.
-f, –fullscreen                                                           Start in fullscreen.
-p, –private                                                                Start in private mode.
-m, –mode <default | frameless | pseudocolor>        Set the viewing mode <mode>.
-d, –directory <directory>                               Load all files of a <directory>.
-t, –tab <images>                                                   Load <images> to tabs.
–batch <batch-settings-path>                       Batch processing of <batch-settings.pnm>.
–batch-log <log-path.txt>                                Saves batch log to <log-path.txt>.
–import-settings <settings-path.nfo>      Imports the settings from <settings-path.nfo> and saves them.

image                                                                               An input image.



Overview Panel (Zooming)

The Overview Panel (Menu > Panels > Overview) enhances zoom and pan. The blue rectangle shows the current viewing area. You can pan to a specific location by dragging this rectangle to the desired position. The scrollbar at the bottom allows you to zoom. If you want to zoom to a desired factor (e.g. 600 %) you can mark and replace the text accordingly.

Overview Panel
Overview Panel