Command Line Options

we have improved/added command line options for nomacs:

Usage: nomacs.exe [options] image

-?, -h, --help                                  Displays this help.
-v, --version                                   Displays version information.
-f, --fullscreen                                Start in fullscreen.
-x, --pong                                      Start Pong.
-p, --private                                   Start in private mode.
-m, --mode <default | frameless | pseudocolor>  Set the viewing mode <mode>.
-d, --directory <directory>                     Load all files of a
-t, --tab <images>                              Load <images> to tabs.

image                                           An input image.

Unattended Installation

When using Windows you can make an unattended installation of nomacs. Therefore you need to place install-script in a folder together with the nomacs-setup.exe. Then you can call
nomacs-setup.exe --script install-script.js
If you want to change the target directory, you can edit the following line in the install-script.js:

// Choose a target dir -----------------------------------------------------
// installer.setValue("TargetDir", "C:/nomacs");

Moreover, which components to install can be changed here:

// Select your components -----------------------------------------------------
// var page = gui.currentPageWidget();
// page.selectComponent("nomacs.x86");
// page.deselectComponent("nomacs.x64");
// Select your components -----------------------------------------------------

Local Repository

you can install nomacs using a local repository. Therefore you need to clone the current repository: Extract this repository to a local server or machine.

Insalling from the Local Repository (GUI)

On the first page of the nomacs installer click the Settings button. Then add a User Defined Repository and uncheck the Default Repository. You can additionally add user credentials if needed (see screenshot).

img-2016-01-12 11.53.39-bInstalling from the Local Repository (CMD)

Open the nomacs-setup.exe or maintainancetool.exe from the Windows command line. Then type:

nomacs-setup.exe --addRepository <URI,...>

Configuring Presets (Export Settings)

If you want to automatically configure some settings, you can adjust nomacs on your machine. Then, run regedit.exe and choose the settings key you want to export:

regedit /e C:\nomacs-settings.reg "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\nomacs\Image Lounge"

If you run nomacs-settings.reg on the client machine, all your settings will be applied there.

Overview Panel (Zooming)

The Overview Panel (Menu > Panels > Overview) enhances zoom and pan. The blue rectangle shows the current viewing area. You can pan to a specific location by dragging this rectangle to the desired position. The scrollbar at the bottom allows you to zoom. If you want to zoom to a desired factor (e.g. 600 %) you can mark and replace the text accordingly.

Overview Panel
Overview Panel