Stefan Fiel, Markus Diem and Florian Kleber
Computer Vision Lab
TU Wien


Fabian Hollaus (implemented the pseudo color function)
Petr Vanek (mac, openSUSE and Fedora ports)
Elbert Pol (OS2 port)

GSoC Students

Fedor Morzov (High Dynamic Range Imaging)
Tim Jerman (RAW Loader, Plugin System, ZIP Archives)

For feature requests and bug reports please use our bug tracking system or write us an email:

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  1. Is there a way to keep the image gallery open when i open up an image? When i open up an image it will glose the image gallery. Thank you.

  2. Can you please tell me how i can change the “sudo make install” path from

    /usr/local/ (/usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/share)


    /usr/ (/usr/bin, /usr/lib, /usr/share)

    1. For anybody interested, the way to do this with cmake is as follows,

      cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr ../ImageLounge/.

  3. I downloaded nomacs because the windows file system is helter skelter. I have windows 10. I want to put photos on Kijiji which is a buy sell app. The photo files of the furniture and equipment are not being grabbed by Kijiji. It is not a Kijiji problem. Microsoft has split off photos into different files. It is heinous how disorganized their filing is. Kijiji took one photo from the photos files. It can’t get any more. I was hoping that nomacs would seize control of the files and reorganize them into a functional system. It didn’t. Is there anything nomacs can do to support a better filing system. Windows 10 has many problems. But this is absolutely unforgivably incompetent. Can you help with the filing system.

    1. Please learn how to use an operating system before you make claims about it. The file system of Windows 10 works fine. If you dont like it, feel free to use any other operating system like Linux or MacOS.

  4. Hello, looking for a way ton display multiple images for comparison purposes (tiling), if theres a way to do this on Nomacs I have yet to figure it out. Thanks!

  5. nomacs – Image Lounge 1.0.2 1.0.2
    nomacs 2.2.0 2.2.0

    Are those apps affected by the log4j security hack?

    Thank You

  6. I want to start by congratulating all the members of the CVL for the excellent application that is NOMACS. It is the only one that opens, without problems, extra-large-sized images ( some sites, mainly comics, manga and manwhas, use extra-large-sized images, like these here: /1/82/page/1
    which can average 690 x 6630 but i’ve seen them with 8800 pixels vertically ), and they end up cropped in other viewers, probably because they don’t reserve enough cache memory. It doesn’t make much difference to anyone who reads them in a browser any of the ways of life, but for those who save them on the computer, nomacs is the only one that opens them in full.

    But I’m really writing, it’s to report a bug that has diminished the excellence of this application: It’s slow, very slow, taking almost 35 seconds to open any image, no matter how small, even on a machine with 4 cores and a clock of 2800Khz ( governor in performance mode ), and notoriously heavy applications like gimp and grub-customizer are opening faster than Nomacs. At first I thought the problem would be solved by preloading, but the times have NOT slowed down. So I thought about rewriting the priorities of nomacs with the nice command at startup. It was useless, it opens an empty nomacs window, but this is the only one with the new priority inserted. Contrary to what usually happens, new application windows do not inherit the nice from the one in the background.
    ( “I used sudo nice -n 10 nomacs &&” I added the “&&” at the end to send the window to the background, but all nomacs windows opened later don’t inherit ). It appears to be ignored by preload, and does not respond to the nice command. “Renice”, only works for process already in use, and requires specifying the PID, so renice is useless as a method of “global acceleration” of the application. Rewriting the desktop launcher exec line to introduce the nice command doesn’t work either. Gives the same effect; only the window launched directly by the desktop launcher gets the new process priority, any nomacs window opened by clicking directly on the image file does not inherit.
    The situation is pretty serious if we consider that execution agility ( or not ) is life or death for desktop applications.

    A simple experiment using “sudo nice -n 10 nomacs /home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” to open an example image from one of my folders, opens it almost instantly, gets to be scary. But if I use the same formula without sudo… “nice -n 10 nomacs /home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” we have the default delay of 35 to 40 seconds again. Sudo shouldn’t make a difference, as Nomacs not a root application. On the other hand, reducing nice from 20 to 10 reduces the time from 35 to “only” 20 seconds, that is, nice interferes little, and using with the nice-default ( +20 ) but using sudo ( example: I used “sudo nice -n 20 nomacs /home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” ) took, amazingly, 1 second ! Just using “sudo nomacs” has the same speed where it usually doesn’t, so it’s definitely sudo, not nice. There’s clearly something wrong there…

    More interesting was the kilometric terminal output I got — I’m a tester for Opera and Diodon, and a trick I always use is launching applications from the terminal, because that gives an application startup report that doesn’t show up in the logs. The output was:

    invernos@Valentine:~$ nomacs /home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg
    qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
    [INFO] Hi there
    D-Bus global menu: no
    [INFO] theme loaded from “/usr/share/nomacs/Image Lounge/themes/Light-Theme.css”
    [INFO] CSS loaded from: “:/nomacs/stylesheet.css”
    [INFO] local client created in: 3 ms
    [INFO] Initialization takes: 144 ms
    palette support is disabled
    custom style sheet is disabled
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” loaded in 14 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/00.png” loaded in 10 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Nazuna Nanakusa–Yofukashi no Uta-0.jpg” loaded in 5 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/0da5c0c84813e46be7521a82a2f18c314fe590661ecb4-w6shqa_fw658.jpeg” loaded in
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/1-Manasaputra.jpg” loaded in 2 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/2-Agathion Cetaceal.jpg” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/3-Azata.jpg” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/4-Weiralai.jpg” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/5-Shahkil.jpg” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/6e301049165dead406ac4b56915a214744da523e15113-ws2DDS_fw658.jpeg” loaded in 7ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/007d0eef3a627674e026bd748d86e3fc.jpg” loaded in 7 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/00-page-001_c.jpg” loaded in 95 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-9–Tian Xia.png” loaded in 17 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion_symbol_rune.png” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-10–The Inner Sea.png” loaded in 25 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Haruka Dance.gif” loaded in 6 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Hyperborea-map.gif” loaded in 1 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/kafuwdy7nyc61.png” loaded in 15 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Kuyou_Suou1.png” loaded in 4 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Kuyou Suou.png” loaded in 39 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/la_jodasoh_steana_by_nejinoki_d1vtjj9-fullview.jpg” loaded in 12 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Lomar.jpg” loaded in 6 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-4.jpg” loaded in 9 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-7–The Crown of the World–South Pole.png” loaded in 22 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-8–North Pole.png” loaded in 14 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Golarion-5.jpg” loaded in 102 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Michiru Hyodo-19.jpg” loaded in 37 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle 12.jpeg” loaded in 2 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” loaded in 17 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Nazuna Nanakusa–Yofukashi no Uta-1.jpg” loaded in 17 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Nazuna Nanakusa–Yofukashi no Uta-3.jpg” loaded in 11 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Nazuna Nanakusa–Yofukashi no Uta-2.jpg” loaded in 71 ms

    And this HUGE output is pretty weird. It seems that nomacs kept listing the image files for the entire folder. With sudo, the output is much more modest:

    invernos@Valentine:~$ sudo nice -n 20 nomacs /home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg
    [sudo] senha para invernos:
    QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to ‘/tmp/runtime-root’
    [INFO] Hi there
    [INFO] theme loaded from “/usr/share/nomacs/Image Lounge/themes/Light-Theme.css”
    [INFO] CSS loaded from: “:/nomacs/stylesheet.css”
    [INFO] local client created in: 3 ms
    [INFO] Initialization takes: 150 ms
    [INFO] “/home/invernos/Downloads/DESPEJO/Moogle-12.jpg” loaded in 13 ms

    …and the display time was 1 second, as already reported.


  7. Hello,

    You misspelled the word “Excelent” on your website. Sometimes errors like can hurt your web traffic. Maybe check out a service that alerts you to issues like or


  8. Hey guys, thank you a lot for the program. If you have a moment could you remove all the fake DMCA notice comments in here?

  9. We have many TIFF images that were scanned using the “old-style” JPEG compression. However, it appears that Nomacs does not support this old format. Aside from converting 1000s of TIFF files to the new JPEG format, are there any workarounds or do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for what you do!

  10. Hi There,

    Just a heads-up that I believe the word “Excelent” is spelled wrong on your website. I had a couple of errors on my site before I started using a service to monitor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like and


  11. Do you have any plans to update the Shear transform to also include not parallell shear? E.g. a shear function like in Gimp where you could shear every side independent of the opposite side.

  12. Hi, I’m David,

    I just noticed that there is the “error 500” appearing on some of your website pages. I’m pretty positive that those types of errors won’t be appreciated by your customers and you are basically losing money as a result, plus they can significantly reduce the number of clicks from Google.

    I’ve decided to help and created the document for you with a few screenshots of errors and also indicated the links to the pages where they appear, hope it helps.

    Here’s the link to the doc, check it out:

    Have a good day!

  13. Hi, I’m Dwayne,

    I just noticed that there is the “error 500” appearing on some of your website pages. I’m pretty positive that those types of errors won’t be appreciated by your customers and you are basically losing money as a result, plus they can significantly reduce the number of clicks from Google.

    I’ve decided to help and created the document for you with a few screenshots of errors and also indicated the links to the pages where they appear, hope it helps.

    Here’s the link to the doc, check it out:

    Have a good day!

  14. Hello,
    today I am very happy that I have discovered nomacs.

    It is nearly perfect for my personal photo workflow which uses star rating as the most important search criterion.

    But I missed a possibility to see only photos with e.g. four stars ratings. I have tried to realize this with

    $exiftool -if ‘$rating eq 4’ -p ‘$filename’ -q -q *.jpg | xargs nomacs.

    This command works e.g. with sxiv but it does not with nomacs. Is there any possibility to filter photos by e.g. star rating? Weather I have found a command line option nor a possibility in nomacs itself.

    Many thanks in advance
    –Frank Mueller

  15. This is the sketchiest url I’ve ever seen. just email them a google drive link or directly send them the images by attaching the files. Why are u linking a supposed sharedrive on a public site like this?

  16. DO NOT “Download it now and check this out for yourself” as all these posts are suggesting.
    They are clearly SPAM with the links possibly containing malicious software.

  17. Hi,
    Fantastic software!
    I have a single request:
    A tool to see the color of an individual pixel (hex value, rgb, etc.).

  18. Hello, your program is very good. Congratulations.
    I was playing with a photo, exploring the program’s features. The photo had an added circle in the WhatsApp editor.

    I accidentally managed to delete the circle from the photo. I was surprised. Not yours like I did, but I wanted to know. I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t do it with other photos. Was it a bug? If so, would it be possible to make this bug a feature?


  19. This only reason that I don’t make Nomacs my default file viewer is that it can’t see how the files in a folder are sorted in Windows Explorer and then use that arrangement of files in Nomacs. I think that if this functionality were implmented in Nomacs, it would be really good.

    Also, if this is not possible then at least add the ability to set up different “sort by” for different folders.


  20. It’s the best viewer! But there are still some annoying little boring problems: The miniatures appear without being requested, no matter the configuration used, and they appear and where they are most disturbing, in an irritating way. There is no option to display thumbnails in the side menu, or to auto-hide the thumbnail panel, or to display the thumbnails as buttons that expand when we pass the mouse over ( there is a lot of empty space to the right of the toolbar, and thumbnails or buttons representing the thumbnails could be placed there ). The current positioning of the thumbnails makes the full screen mode useless, which partially cover the top of the image in view if it is very large ( as in webtoons ) or simply if we want to use the maximum zoom size to check details.

  21. Not more disgusting than using an honest mistake as an opportunity to indulge your lack of self control or unaddressed anger issues. A simple “Hey, just so you know…” or “You may not have known this but…” followed by all of the relevant information would have gotten you the same result without everyone who reads this thinking you are a child. If you were so happy to sue, you could have gone right ahead and done that anyway, regardless of tone. And before you accuse me of the same (wouldn’t be very clever of you), I’m doing this to give you an ego check. I doubt your work is very good anyway – I’ll make sure to avoid it 😉

  22. This is my favorite image viewer.
    If I may, I wish to suggest a couple of things:
    1. When in thumbnail preview mode the toolbar at the top should be able to be removed. It is an eye sore for us who use shortcuts only.
    2. When you open file explorer panel with a hotkey and click on images then try to close it with a hotkey it searches for text instead, because the focus has changed to the panel. It is a bit frustrating and it would be awesome if it didn’t happen.

    Thank you.

  23. It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “Fiel” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


  24. It will be convenient if, in full-screen viewing, images will always be stretched to full screen. Regardless of settings for standard viewing.

  25. Is there no filter/plugin for .dds files?!?
    I have been using IrfanView for years, but switched to nomacs a while back.
    Tbh, the lack of .dds support is the only time I have missed using IrfanView which can show anything you throw at it (I don’t need .dds support a lot, that is why I only found out about the issue now).
    First impression of nomacs was good, but configuring something as simple as using pgup/pgdwn to scroll through images as I was used to by using IrfanView for years was surprisingly over-complicated (despite the wtf experience, I stayed with nomacs).
    I recently updated nomacs. I am very impressed, that is a simple and easy couple-of-click solution.
    I am not a heavy user of the advanced features, but primarily need nomacs as an image viewer. Other than not being able to view .dds files on occasion I like your app a lot 😉

  26. Hi,
    Nomacs . . . works. I do have a problem with the “Open With” option in the file men – it doesn’t remember my selection – in this case Photoshop CS6.
    Is there a fix?
    Either way, thank you – you’re program worked for a while.

  27. is there any command-line statement that can be used to uninstall the current version from Windows? I could not find any solution in the HELP file or on any website.

  28. Nomacs really is a GREAT software and I use it daily.
    I only wish a better and more userfriendly interface/GUI. The standart interface is a bit ugly.

  29. danke schön. Thank you for this terrific program! Is it possible to move a selected image/s to a desired directory? For example in thumbnail view a group of highlighted images (or just the currently displayed image outside of thumbnail view) might be moved, via a single keystroke, to a folder called “cats.”

  30. Hello,
    when uninstalling nomacs (for old version) there is a window were ask for dellete all user setting. What is the command in CMD do mark this option in order to delete the settings.

    Thanks and Regards,

  31. Please add the ability to turn on/off the TOOLBARS in the default settings. I RARELY have any need for the toolbar CTRL-B or CTRL-I toolbars, yet I have to keep turning them off for EVERY PICTURE…!

    Thank you.

  32. Hi! I absolutely love your program! By far the best out there and I tried a lot of them!

    I have a request though, can you look into the scaling on a 4k monitor or possibly provide an override option? I recently switched to a 4k for the 2020 work at home phase and my 300×250 pixel ads are so tiny! I know Nomacs is displaying them at 1:1 which is why I prefer it over the standard windows viewer but I find my self loading them into chrome to see them as it seems to display them at the correct size. I was hoping whatever chrome does to make them scale up Nomacs could do as well? Oddly enough the windows photo viewer and Windows Photos seems to display them like chrome as well but I hate those apps lol! Maybe it could be added as a viewing option?
    I love this program and tell all my co-workers to use it but on the 4k screen its challenging lol Thanks!

  33. Is it possible to change the ‘next’ animation on the slideshow? I would prefer a fade transition instead of the current one

  34. Hate Window 10 default image viewer. Love nomacs! But…

    Using the newest version 3012.1.4206 x64 on pc HP envy te01, windows 10.
    I use an Olympus EM10 mark2 camera.
    Instance #1:
    When the camera is set to “flash – off”
    — right clicking on a photo file>properties>details = no flash, compulsory
    ——– correct.
    — using the metadata panel in nomacs = flash no flash
    ——– correct.
    Instance #2:
    When the camera is set to “flash -auto”, but no flash fires
    — right clicking on a photo file>properties>details = no flash, auto
    ——– correct.
    –using the metadata panel in nomacs = flash fired
    ——– INCORRECT!

    Can this be fixed?

  35. Hi, and thanks for your time and help. Using Mac Catalina, and chose nomacs as an alternative to view graphics more reliably. (Mac Preview has become very “hangy”)
    I’ve downloaded the MacPorts utility, but cannot get nomacs to load.
    Is Catalina supported?
    My Unarchiver says the download file is corrupt. I’m not sure what to do next…

  36. Nomacs is a great viewer. I love it since version 3.0 (or maybe even before).
    Thank you to all developers, tester and people who translate it.

    My opinion:
    The biggest cons is that it is very slow to open (respect to XnView, that I use sometimes) and so, I have to wait seconds before I can watch the picture when I clicked on a file. So often I still use XnView to open a file quicker, to view it in fullscreen. It would be possible to mimimize loading time?

    Feature request:
    I also use XnView when I want to freely rotate an image few degrees. It would be great if using Nomacs I could freely rotate an image, simply drawing the line of the horizon, someting like

  37. Nomacs is the best multiplatform image viewer I have ever seen. Things you need to make in windows image viewer, drawer and viewer from MS Office can all be replaced by Nomacs. It’s true opensource swiss knife on browsing images.

    Keep developing, you created priceless software.

  38. Hi folks! Thanks for your great image viewer – nomacs is truly excellent. One minor issue – the star rating hotkeys (0, 1, etc.) are not in the Keyboard Shortcuts form (at least in version 3.8 which is in my distro’s repository). Is it possible to unmap/remap them by editing nomacs’ config file? Or, alternatively, to disable the ‘Set Rating’ functionality completely (or even to start nomacs in read-only mode)? This is not a huge issue, but I use several image viewers and editors on multiple platforms and half of them use 0/1/2 for ‘fit to window’, ‘zoom at 100%’ and similar commands. So hitting 0 and 1 is a lifetime habit. But in nomacs that modifies file metadata and resets the file modification timestamp – which is something I don’t want to happen when working on photos and especially when browsing the original out-of-the-camera image files. This also applies to automatically modifying metadata on rotation, but that is a lesser problem – it was easy to remember that I must never rotate images in nomacs. But 0/1 sit in muscle memory and cause accidents when I switch between computers. In some situations it would be useful to minimize the chances of accidental file modifications.

  39. is there a feature for emailing/sharing of pictures, after a person has altered (added a note or enhanced a picture in the program???, For me this would make the program complete and ranked top of the bunch!!!!

  40. Your software with Adding notes to photos in a slide show is PERFECT for what i need to do. My question is, how do i stop the slide show without a keyboard? i want to use your software on a win 10 tablet for a photo Kiosk of history that people can add to.

  41. Hi! A question – is it possible to get Navigational switch?
    A mmb button press action (or panel gui button), that switches scrolling through images and zooming behaviour.
    For example

    Nomacs always starts with scrolling behaviour
    after finding proper image pressing mmb allows to zoom in/out
    next mmb press reveals back scrolling behaviour to find next image.

  42. Hello nomacs team,

    the nomacs is a really helpful tool, however for my purpos I need to program something different to produce a kind of slide show from a openCV *.vec file.
    Could cou provide a link where I can find a description of the openCV *.vec format?

  43. I have a weird issue with Nomacs. When I copy an image, its path string is copied instead of actual JPG. What should I do to enable copying of actual image?

  44. Hello, when I change an image in fullscreen (next/prev) there is a transition animation, can I get rid of it so images change immediately like in not fullscreen mode?

  45. I love using Nomacs 3.12 but I have a couple of problems with it. As I use a dark theme the icons on the toolbar and other panels are difficult to see. Is there any way for Nomacs to detect a dark theme and have it use lighter colored icons. Also, I would like to see text of the icon’s function under the icon, not just highlighted when the cursor is over it. There is more than enough room on the toolbar horizontally to do this.

  46. I am disappointed that Titles which can be stored with .jpg files which can be found from File Explorer entries through Properties > Details > Title are not shown with Metadata. Could this be done? If not I shall have to look elsewhere. I think we really need to be able to provide Titles/Captions on our digital photos

  47. Please could you tell me how I can uninstall nomacs-3.12.1 on a windows 10 Acer Aspire ES 11 laptop. The program folder unzipped to This PC: Documents. It does not appear in the apps list with the choice of ‘uninstall’ even though I tried moving it there temporarily so I have no idea how to proceed.

  48. I should have been thoughtful enough to add a few comments. I think nomacs is a very nice, uncomplicated piece of software. It is much appreciated after slogging through GIMP.
    One thing I often use it for is to invert the colors on oscilloscope images. One of the people I work with is colorblind and cannot discern the difference between two of the trace colors when multiple traces are up. Inverting the image lets him tell the difference between the traces and saves on printer ink (black background) if I print the image.

  49. Every time I open images from USB flash drive, and close the program, I can’t remove the flash drive. It’s still in use. Does software clear cahe after beeing closed? Or what is the problem?

    1. hard to tell the problem without being able to reproduce it. nomacs has file handles as long as it is opened. after closing, it releases them…

  50. After using ristretto for years, I’m loving nomacs . . . thanks!

    With the thumbnails on the side of the window, is it possible to configure the image size so that it _doesn’t_ overlap the thumbnails?

        1. we strictly don’t want to mess around with the local system (i.e. by creating a database). However, nomacs makes use of embedded thumbnails which can be computed using Tools > Compute Thumbnails.

  51. I have 32-bit Windows 10. No download is available for 32-bit Windows for the latest version on the Download page. Will it be available anytime?

  52. When I click on file from explorer it’s opens behind the folder. How to change it? I want that window appears in front of folder.

  53. This is a fantastic piece of software guys! I’ve been using Fastone for the past 4-5 years, and the lack of multi-instancing was starting to get to me. Bumped into this through a reddit thread and wow, I’m in love. From the frameless window with thumbnails, to adding notes- it’s almost like it was made for me. I’ll donate as soon as I find a way to do it from india.

    Just wanted to compliment you guys for the beautiful work. Thank you!

  54. Hay sorry if I’m just to stupid or something and I’m overlooking the function or setting. I whas wondering why my original file gets “deleted” on editing the photo. The problem is I mostly hit Rong but tens before I hit the right one.. Now some foto’s are just lost. Also can I disable tabs? I just like to have 1 window open. Thanks for all the rest of the program. Really liking the style.

    1. the only way to delete an image (without prior asking) is by hitting SHIFT+DEL – did you do so? Sorry, but tabs cannot be disabled…

  55. Hello,

    Im tryid to replace 3.6.0 ver with 3.8.0. First I uninstall 3.6.0 and tried to install 3.8.0. When tried to run app keep telling me that VCOMP140.DLL is missing from my computer (Win 7 32b).
    Now I cannot install neither version, can you guys tell me what’s wrong? thanks.

    P.S. Love Nomacs, great software.

  56. sayın yetkili, merhaba. nomacs 3.8.0 9/11/2017 versiyonu yükledim.çalışmadı! işletim sistemim Windows 10 .

  57. Hi,
    – Is this software free for business (company) or not?
    – is it possible to change a theme (icons bigger and in colour, dark theme, …)?
    Thank you. Have a nice day.

    1. Hi,
      – nomacs is free for business too.
      – you can change the icon size in Edit > Settings > Display > Icon Size
      – the icon color can be adjusted in Edit > Settings > Icon Color
      – unfortunately, we do not have a dark theme yet (but you could change the stylesheet.css)


      1. Where can this stylesheet.css file be found?
        Can icons be in a separate folder, so I can change them?
        This software is the best free alternative to use. Thank you.

  58. Hello!
    Are there any exclusive advantages to using 64-Bit version of this App ? I have a 64-bit Win 10 OS but the PC configuration is not appropriate as per Standards!
    Can I install 32-Bit version of this App? Will there be any limitations to this approach?
    Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.
    Thank you, Regards from — New Delhi, India.

    1. Hi,

      using the 32-bit version has the typical limitation of 4GB RAM that can be used. Hence, if you want to load huge images or batch processing large images, the 32-bit version might be limiting. However, if you just want to view typically sized images (i.e. 12 megapixels) you might not experience any limitations…

  59. Sorry but crop command is function ? I press C then select and then ???? Enter or what ? I did not find hoe to crop.
    I use nomacs in Arch Linux.

  60. I tried many other image viewers for Linux (eog, xviewer, gthumb, Pix, PhotoQT, Ristretto, Mirage, etc. etc.) but yours is clearly the best – by far!! Congratulations for this outstanding achievement!

    I would have three small feature requests though based on version 3.6, in order to fix the only shortcomings which I could find compared to other image viewers:
    (1) A hot-key to “zoom to width” (especially for full screen view)
    (2) A hot-key for finer zooming control (e.g. fine zoom adjustments with e.g. CTRL+mouse wheel )
    (3) A crop selection rectangle which stops at the image edge (in order to quickly change the aspect ratio of photos to avoid fiddling on the edges not to loose pixels).

    Again, absolutely outstanding job, especially including the coding quality (not a single crash since I am using nomacs)! Wouw!

    1. Hi,

      (1) totally makes sense
      (2) I think a zoom table (as suggested by other users) would do the trick here (switching between fine & rough zooms). btw. you can already adjust the zoom to an exact level using the overview HUD
      (3) cropping snaps to the edges only with the first mouse move


  61. Hi! I’m looking for a viewer that I can start from command line, it overlays fullscreen over the mediaplayerclassic (playing in fullscreen) to show an image for some seconds, then close itself.
    It would be great to have some soft transparency/fade start, and soft close back to the video. I need it to advertise some events.
    Is it possibile to do it with Nomacs?
    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      this is possible: create a fully transparent image & open it in frameless & overlay mode with nomacs. then set the slideshow timer such that your image (which is placed in the same folder as the transparent image) appears at the correct time. setting the fade effect in the slideshow settings (preferences) should do the rest.


  62. Hi, can’t find any information about ICC color profiles, in files and of monitor/OS, and its support by your software. Sadly. Please, inform is your software/viewer fully color managed ?

  63. I’m so happy I found this program. It’s nearly PERFECT! Intuitive, does basically everything. Thank you so much for making it!

  64. Hey guys, do we have chances to have nomacs on Microsoft Store for Desktop? I have seen that UWP apps. They runs much better than win32 api.

  65. Any chance we’re ever gonna see good ol’ Windows Photo Viewer’s feature of snapping the edge of the pic to the edge of the monitor instead of dragging it all over the place in full zoom? That’s the only thing that irritates me when I open multiple images.

  66. How did I finally discover nomacs for the first time after about 15 years of using Linux? 🙂 It’s really a great little piece of software, does exactly what it’s supposed to, lightweight, and no frills. Very well done guys!

  67. I dont often make the effort to say thank-you, but nomacs is an exception.
    I’ve been looking for a fast and simple tool on Linux for ages, and nomacs does exactly what I want.
    crop, rotate, resize, rename.
    For me, simple is best. I just want to minimize the size of photos I take before sending to websites or on e-mails.
    Great work guys.

  68. Nomacs is a poor cousin of FastStone Image Viewer. Notice nomacs has no auto hide on the thumbnail preview or file transfer options like Fast Stone. FastStone Image Viewer is free and smaller portable size.


    1. Hi,
      this is the display of the crop region stored in the metadata of the image. You can turn this off in the settings -> display


  69. Hi,

    i am trying to deploy nomacs 3.4 to some of our clients. Unattended installation is fine but i did not get it how to add plugin installation to the js-script/install-script so the plugins will be installed together with nomacs.

    I tried to disable the “update questions” within the program for all users because if they havent admin rights its not useful to display an update possibility because they cant update. I found this setting in the registry under HKU but is there a way to put it into HKLM or to preconfigure it within the program folder? Otherwise i had to preconfigure the user profile and i dont want to do that 🙂



    1. Hi Sascha,

      In order to install plugins, you have to add this line in ComponentSelectionPageCallback:

      do not forget to add the page (line 22):
      installer.setDefaultPageVisible(QInstaller.ComponentSelection, true); // true instead of false

      hope this helps you…

      Considering the the update:
      you could copy the following lines to a text file and save it as nomacs-no-update.reg

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\nomacs\Image Lounge\SynchronizeSettings]

      running this file after the installation will disable updates on the client machine…

        1. Hi,

          we have moved the settings to a file:
          there you can change the settings as you did in the registry…

    2. Don’t waste your time, ACDSEE classic portable is only 666.kb And I have used it since y2k and it is faster to deploy than nomacs plus it has superior file transfer tools. If Jpegview had the thumbnail view options and thumbnail strip I would use Jpegview over nomacs bloatware

  70. Hi Marcus ,Nomac is a very great application and I love it.Is it possible to add the DELETE COMMAND on the edit menu below the menu bar? is it possible to make the edit menu menu show above or below the image?

  71. Hey there, I do not understand much about Windows 10 software, but is it possible to easily change your program in a way that one can install it without admin rights? After all, it works for Google Chrome.

    Thanks for the good work though!

  72. I was looking for a recent, simple to use image viewer. This one is amazing 😀
    – Open source,
    – Lightweight,
    – read RAW,
    – read GIF,
    (you can zoom in and out, stop, play, go to next and previous frame, really good for 2D game animations)
    – image manipulations

    It lacks:
    – read multiple images as an animation (would be nice for 2D game animations)
    – the batch processing does not allow a lot of manipulations (resize, rotate, convert that is all I think)
    – undo/redo

    I am very excited to see how it will develop and to see it becoming get better and better 😀
    Good luck!

  73. Hi) I’ve tried to use it, but it said “This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”.

    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

    Install was fine, but the starting was not.

    What I can do with that?

    P.S.: I use Linux Mint 17.3 Mate x64

    1. Hi.
      sorry for the late reply, but we overlooked your comment. I just tried out running nomacs (version 3.2.0) on a fresh installation of linux mint and everything runs fine. Since I had to change the packages for this update, I think this issue is fixed


  74. I just came across nomacs, looks good and I am exploring it further. I am a minor contributor to the exiv2 project, mostly I have added support for additional XMP schema’s such as DwC and LR.

    Saludos desde Peru!

  75. Hi, I made over Qt Linguist translation Turkish and will continue to do, but about 10%. He could not accept the language file language of substitution. I translated the language file does not open?

  76. Your Image Lounge installer is so stupid, it blocks after it has downloaded about 20 % of the archive. I tried it about 5-6 times, on a 2-3 days time lapse. So Good Bye Image Lounge. Gizmo Freeware may consider it as one of the best 64 bit free programs, it doesn’t worth a try with a disable installer/downloader. I will stay with Zoner. At Least, it is possible to download it completely and silently with Free Download Manager. FDM can handle connexion problem on is own way and restart download when connexion fails. Efficient download and efficient install are important, even with free products.

    Clément Marcotte
    Amos (Quebec) Canada

    Congratulations to your great open source software. I’m willing to donate some money. However, I don’t trust Paypal services, in particular in the light of the European Court’s decision on security of data. Is it possible to get your account data (account holder, IBAN, SWIFT-BIC) and a keyword (like “donation” or something like that) for easy direct money transfer without the need of giving my data to any 3rd party outside European Union? Thank you.

  78. Hello,

    I am looking for the themes/skins. There’s no problem with the defaut theme on nomacs, but I think in the possibilitie to changing the main theme for another… For example, changing the main theme to the Tango (, It’s an cool way to make the program looks like the user preferences.

    If possible, will appreciate much more this program.

    Thank’s and sorry my bad english

  79. Hi, I’m trying to use nomacs to read comic, turned out it can’t replace my image viewer yet.

    1. Can you make so the arrows are only used for navigating an image?

    2. Can you add the status bar property: current image/total image? (example: 4/22 means current image is number 4 of total 22 images) and current zoom level would be nice.

    3. Can you add faster/bigger zoom level? For now it’s 66%, 72%, 80%, 88%; it’s I need to zoom 4 times in order to reach the size I want.

    Would be great if you can add those requests, thanks 🙂

  80. Hi guys

    I’ve just downloded nomacs image lounge, i’m very curious because this little software seems to me a very good alternative to other most famous application. I give it a try and then i send you my opinion.
    For now thx for your work and have a nice week-end.


  81. Hi,
    das Programm gefällt mir sehr gut, auch das es als portable Version erhältlich ist.
    Einen Punkt würde ich mir aber noch wünschen.
    Das man beim Zuschneidewerkzeug die Breite und Höhe in px eingeben kann und dann in dieser Größe das Bild zurechtschneidet.

  82. Hi, really like your application, it is a great replacement for the Standard Windows Photo viewer (shudder)

    Just a quick question I may be missing a trick but is there a way to bypass the print preview screen when printing images?

    Thanks again for the great tool.

    1. Hi,
      thanks you

      currently there is no possibility to bypass the print preview dialog. The idea is good but the problem is that imho every user will except a different behavior for printing (especially concerning the dpi of the image (some images don’t have this information stored in the meta data and we have to guess), landscape/portrait mode a.s.o). If you have a suggestion how to satisfy everyone we will think about implementing this option.


  83. I’ve been impressed with this little program so far.
    One thing I’ve been looking for in an image viewer but only xnview has it, is the use of tabs, but even there is lacking in functionality.
    I would love to see a more robust use of tabs in an image viewer, like the tab system in firefox or chrome, and be able to save the session with all the tabs, even with multiple instances.
    You guys ever considered that option?
    in any case keep up the good work!

  84. Re: Feature 377

    I am the one who posted this. I would have replied sooner but I have been without internet access. Marcus asked me how I knew that nomacs used 2×2 subsampling.

    That’s easy. I saved a JPEG in nomacs then opened it in IrfanView and looked under Image Info.

    It is really unfortunate that it is not straightforward to implement. I used to use FastStone Image Viewer for cropping, resizing and saving the final JPEGs.

    Your area resizing option is much better on my test patterns than the best of FS’s which is Lanczos 3. The Lanczos algorithm has ringing problems. So now I use nomacs for cropping and resizing and save the results as a PNG which I open is FS to save as a JPEG with no subsampling.

    I was hoping to be able to eliminate FS Viewer, but I guess that won’t be happening.

    Any how, thanks for a great program.

    Bob Curran

        1. I just saw that version 3.0 is the target to implement my suggestion to include jpeg subsampling options.

          Thanks for accepting my suggestion. Any idea when 3.0 might be coming out?

  85. Hi`

    i`m new using this nomacs and i like it. It small, light and portable.
    I like that nomacs support frameless option to.
    Few requests about it, could you add options to allow picture to always stay on top? and options to allow image to view in certain fix ratio/size?
    when i use 2 or 3 frameless i want to place it in side/bottom screen/specific place, and i want it to always stay on top and can be display in specific/small ratio not always in original size, so when i check/compare my images i still can do other things to.
    sorry for my bad english.
    Keep up the great works


    1. Hi zen,

      thanks for your request. the ‘always on top’ option is currently not implemented. but you can keep size/ratio. therefore you have to open preferences (CTRL+SHIFT P), navigate there to Display (you might need to check Advanced at the bottom right). in the Zoom Group you have three options for scale behavior when switching between images. if you choose ‘always keep zoom’ the images will keep their size…

      regards markus

  86. Hi
    Forgive my poor English.
    I have a question:
    In spite of the fact that I have the option uncheck still me one appears ”Menu” a few seconds again when I initiate Nomacs (Panels->Toolbars->Menu). I do not like this delay in hiding itself. I would like that it was something instantaneous. Might it do something in order that the Menu was not late a few seconds of more in hiding itself?

  87. Brillant.
    I like this viewer a lot.
    It offers good features and easy usability.
    But you really should be solving the bug about not ordering files.
    It just doesn’t order by filename, it seems random most of the time.

      1. hi,
        we are working on it. it is not included in 2.0.2 … in the current developer branch the sorting is better but still has problems with special naming. Hopefully in the next version we have a solution which satisfies all our/your needs.


  88. This project looks excellent, really nice way to display images.

    One request:
    I would like a ‘double click’ to open a directory rather than rename it.

    1. hi,

      are you talking about the File Explorer panel? If so, you can right click in the panel and uncheck ‘Editable’. Folders are then opened on double click rather than renamed.


  89. Hi guys,
    I am very very impressed with your Nomacs viewer. It is now my favorite and preferred viewer… so much so that I want to uninstalled Windows viewer, but it seems that since I’m using the portable version, I could not find a way to make it the default viewer.
    You have everything else… did I miss it ?

    I am a corporate consultant, and therefore I’m picky about organization. Your viewer is full of features that are just perfect for me. I like using the scroll wheel to change pictures without having to click on anything like other viewer do… or to dig into the system looking for the folder to open images… blah.
    Yours is just right. Now, if only folks got to experience what you have, and if they were to find it useful like I do, then this could go in useful directions for you.

    Thanks for being smarter than Microsoft.


    1. Hi Richard,

      sorry for the late reply… Setting nomacs as default viewer does not directly work on Windows 8. If you register the extensions (Edit > Settings > File Filters) Windows will post a message that you have new apps which can handle the file opened from the explorer – there you can chose nomacs. This happens because Microsoft turned off the possibility for apps to register themselves (which is good from a user’s point of view).

      regards, markus

  90. Hi are you aware that Norton AV deletes your programme as a threat if it is downloaded on a machine with Norton installed?

    1. no, we weren’t aware of that. Thank you very much for reporting. We contacted Norton and hopefully they will put nomacs on the whitelist.

    2. Hello,

      first of all, thanks for this great piece of software. 🙂
      i got one little question: can i configure my default-saving-location.. so i don’t need so navigate from the temp folder to my picture-folder?!


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