nomacs – Image Lounge is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3
© Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, and Florian Kleber, 2011 – 2020

Windows (7/8/10)

Windows (2000/XP/Vista)

Click here for older versions


we maintain a flathub app. We recommend installing nomacs from there if you want to have the latest version.

Ubuntu and Linux Mint

  • nomacs is available in the “universe” repository of Ubuntu. Just install it using your favorite package manager.
  • translations can be added with sudo apt-get install nomacs-l10n
  • Install the heif plugin to load heif images.


  • nomacs is included in the official repositories.

Arch Linux

  • nomacs is officially available on Arch Linux, simply install it with:
  • pacman -S nomacs



  • update your FreeBSD repository and change directory to /usr/ports/graphics/nomacs (if your repository directory is the default, otherwise change to the particular directory)
  • build and install nomacs by typing:
  • make install clean


other Linux distribution

  • If there is no package available for your favorite distribution, you can download the sources and compile nomacs according to the compile instructions.


nomacs uses these libraries

Herbie – Diagnostics

Herbie is a small cpu monitoring tool. Download

120 thoughts on “Download”

  1. under os/2 nomacs says:
    SYS0002: The system cannot find the file specified. “JASPER1”

    but I can’t find any jasper1.dll !

  2. Thanks for another informative blog. Where else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

  3. Using this portable version for my Win 10 school restricted notebook because there’s no windows photo viewer installed. (only for tiff)
    It works so great.
    After the installation, I was able to create the Windows standard shortcuts (suggested by the program) and can finally display them easily by double-clicking on a jpg or png.
    Great photo viewer! Absolutely recommendable, especially because it is also available as a portable and is free! Just perfect for (very) restrictive school notebooks and pc!
    Thank you very much!

  4. Soy Instalador de Software a Clientes Finales, ya saben formateos y todo eso, sin embargo la App de Windows 10 “Fotos” es bonito, pero trabajo lento en la mitad de los equipos que me traen, ya que la mayoria son procesadores de gama basica-intermedia, estoy buscando un visor de imagenes para reemplazar a la app Fotos a los clientes, para que vean sus fotos mas rapido.
    Nomacs lo he estado utilizando y abre muy rapido las fotos, pero como que la interfaz le hace falta un plus, como iconos mas grandes y mas modernos
    -en la barra de editar la opcion “umbral” como que no deberia estar ahi, lo vi como una opcion que no le encontre sentido para un usuario normal.
    -Como Novedad, estaria bien agregar la opcion de dibujar sobre la imagen y agregar texto, como las opciones de Whastapp o Facebook cuando subimos una imagen, esas opciones sencillas. Con eso creo que le daria un plus a esta aplicacion que la verdad me gusto lo rapido que es en abrir fotos. Saludos!

  5. nomacs works straight out of box on Windows 10, once I had set it as default photo viewer. Windows 10 photo viewer was not loading all the many (25,000+) images I had properly, but nomacs has loaded them all straight away so I can access them, view them, sort them and edit them. Finally! I have been looking for a better program than windows photo viewer for the last week. Well done developers

  6. Suggestion: After installing, open Nomacs in the settings page, on the File Association tab, so people check which file types we want to associate, and not wonder why they can’t use the app they just installed. At least when I installed the app the last few times, I was very confused why I can’t use the app, before I figured out it need the files associated. Most other apps already do that, or they have those checkboxes as part of their installer.

  7. Can you please use different icons for rotate (on top) and undo/redo (on the right panel). They look the same. Thank you.

  8. Many thanks to the developers of nomacs for doing what Microsoft cannot!

    Ever since Windows 10 version 2004, the built-in ‘Photos’ app fails to launch correctly EVERY time and I have to reset it to make it work. I’ve been using nomacs on my Arch Linux system for some time now, and I was excited to see that it was also available for Windows. As expected, it works like a charm!

    Note: At the time of this comment, Microsoft has a market-cap of USD $1.54 trillion – and they still can’t make a photo app.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Couldn’t agree any more.
      You are right about Nomacs, it works like a charm.
      And as far as Microsoft is concerned they are the worst money grabbers for selling products that are at the best of times unusable, confusing and trying to lock the customer into getting more money out of them.
      Equally for their “support” where the customer pays to fix the faults that they created.
      We should all unite and support the makers of decent operating systems.

      1. Hello,

        I totally agree with you and Andrew. Came here looking for an alternative to the awful Windows Photo app which takes way to long to open and its pretty much garbage in terms of functionality; you are better of viewing your photos though the file explorer image preview than using that.
        Open software is the way, specially in windows were you feel like ‘they’ are watching everything you do.
        With nothing else to add I just want to say thank you for your work; I will definitively donate when I can

  9. How is HEIC suppose to work with linux? I installed nomacs 3.14 on arch and it says can’t load HEIC images

  10. Hi – just wondered if the devs for this app have any idea why the newest version I can install from the Ubuntu repositories is 3.8. I’m not a Linux guru and I have no idea how to get the latest version (3.12 as of 22-Feb-2020?) onto my system.

    1. You have to build it from source like I did or hope to God someone smart makes a PPA. I built mine from source and it was worth it as it can read webP files unlike Bionic’s default version that can’t

    2. as of June 2020, in Ubuntu repository you can find Nomacs 3.12… but the latest version is 3.14 pi.
      Ubuntu is 3 months late.

      What is more, if I search in Ubuntu Software, in the description I read: license is “proprietary”…. it should be corrected.

      1. yes. problem is: I don’t know who added this license (actually it is GPL v3). As of getting a new version: I recommend using flathub (see above) which is maintained by us & will be updated with windows releases.

    3. Same problem. When I run “apt install nomacs” I get the message:
      nomacs is already the newest version (3.4.1+dfsg-5).

      I’m running LMDE 3 Cindy (a Mint / Debian derivative)

  11. es una aplicacion excelente, el hecho de tene runa interfaz simple, para linux funciona a la perfeccion, aunque para windows si tiene uno que otro detalle, de repente no abre, o se traba, pensaria que es mi maquina pero lo he probado en varias maquinas y pasa lo mismo, arriba el software libre.

      1. That is not true. There are a lot of older hardware (and some fairly recent, too) which don’t run on x64. Most of them use x32, and a few but increasingly more use ARM.

  12. Es una pena que tengan muchos bugs aún, y no han actualizado más la aplicación en meses. No menciono los errores porque muchos ya se los han dicho. Me gusta por el uso del fondo transparente al mejor estilo de Piccasa, ya que permite ver las imágenes detrás en el directorio en el que estemos, a modo de poder cazarlas como un halcón volando al asecho, sin la necesidad de saltar a una u otra en la barra de miniaturas de abajo. Además, de poder ocultar tanto la barra de herramientas como la de miniaturas, dejando una vista limpia, lo justo y necesario en un visor a mi parecer, solo la imagen y todo lo demás atrás y punto. Se que es una tontería, pero es un recurso que aprecio, pues a mi entender agiliza el trabajo, y si necesitamos la barra de herramientas para algo, la hacemos aparecer y ya, pero para ver las imágenes solo necesitamos eso, verlas sin más. Lo malo es que, cuando uno ya tiene una imagen abierta, y da clic en otra imagen, en la carpeta en la que nos encontremos, tela abre en una nueva ventana, si lo hiciera en la misma para no estar dando escape, al estilo de Piccasa, agilizaría aún más la tarea. Uso Windows 10 Mayo, pero también me gustan Ubuntu y Manjaro, ambos en KDE o Gnome. Aún no lo e probado en GNU/Linux, así que no puedo decir mucho al respecto.

  13. Awesome application, as it has a collection of features that allows users to train their ninja skills. These features varies from an invisible “restart application” option inside every settings page, as well as theme colors mixing each other automatically and menus in multiple languages at the same time.

    A hint to the developers, though: change the name of the app from “nomacs” to “bugacs”, as it better ressembles the experience within the app!

  14. Can’t install the program. The setup runs, and when I click Finish, I can’t find the program installed anywhere. Setup doesn’t work it seems. I’m using Windows 10.

    1. Same here. But it’s installed… Take a look here: C:\Program Files\nomacs\bin\nomacs.exe
      A start menu entry and file association would be great.

  15. great app as an alternative for windows 10 photos – crashed constantly when viewing cr2/raw files especially on not so powerful hardware, Nomacs has worked great so far and much like the in-camera photo viewer – loads fast and can load the next photo while zoomed in, which is very useful for comparing sharpness.

  16. I thought I had finally found a perfect photo viewer but there are problems.
    I was looking for a light fast viewer for scanned images the only thing I wanted was to be able to view the description (IPTC metadata) in a neat and tidy way. I was planning to view a collection in a slide show through a television.
    This program fills the requirement of showing the description text and Labels it “notes” the notes panel does not open fully so you can’t read the info at once and it is fixed in the one place and cant be moved. Also while in full screen slide show mode I pressed esc to stop the slide show and come out of full screen and the notes magically deleted! Also the big headline of NOTES and other icons are not necessary. The only program I have used that came close to being right with this is picasa and even that does not allow you to move the description box so it is not covering the picture. What is needed on this software is the ability to move the description box and make it bigger and smaller to fit in all the text so you don’t have to scroll through, also allow it to be docked at the bottom or sides so it is not overlapping the picture also get rid of the ugly heading so it looks better like picasa. Editing and saving the notes should be limited to the settings window so as to avoid accidental deleting or changing, as this is only a viewing program I would consider not allowing changing of descriptions at all as all viewers should be non destructive anyhow. This would make this software the best out there as no others seem to address this issue.

      1. Markus,
        Sorry – but could not get the version on Snap-beta to open. I’m likely not eligible due to my linux version (on Mint – a Ubuntu derivitive). I was able to load version 3.0 from Mint package manager…..really like the interface, being able to pull images from anywhere i have access (Google-drive, Dropbox) and browsing in zip archives.
        Flatpak may be a better choice as it covers more linux distributions than snap. I’m not a developer, but have used both and understand Flatpak work for more Linux users and may reduce the number of versions to maintain.
        Oh, and any chance for webp support?

    1. If you have installed Macports, then in a terminal window type:

      sudo port update
      sudo port install nomacs

      Then in your mac /Application folder will be a new folder called Macports.
      In this folder is the file. Click on it with moose to run.

      1. To install macport, requires xcode which from the ressources I found says it would take 30 GB of disk space. To just install one program that’s a BIG requirement.

        Could it be possible to get a fully statically linked version of nomacs for most popular Mac OS versions?

  17. Hello, great program! however I had to install 64bit version, because 32bit version still suffer from missing vcomp140.dll can it be fixed? If so, how? Thanks!

  18. It seems when I install nomacs, it only installs for the current user on the system. If I login under a different user on the same system (Windows 10 Pro 64bit), nomacs does not appear on the start menu nor does it appear on the menu when selecting default image apps.

    Please can you assist with this? I would hate to have to physically install the image viewer for every user that uses our systems.

  19. i can’t open the app after installing. It keep telling me that VCOMP140.DLL is missing from my computer. Can you guys tell me what’s wrong? thanks

  20. Best photo viewer ever. It is so simple, you can move between pictures while zooming in, and when you go to the next picture while zooming it keeps being in the same zoom size. You can cut pictures, flip them and all the main things.

  21. Hello Markus,
    I’d be glad to help – according to my posibilities – re os x packaging. Contact me.
    The brew method seems more promising, only a few small quirks.

    1. I managed to get it built fairly easily using Brew… I needed to install pkg-config using brew, which should be added to the build instructions I think.

        1. 0 Create:jan-/Users/jan: brew install nomacs
          Warning: No available formula with the name "nomacs". Did you mean nomad or gromacs?
          ==> Searching for similarly named formulae...
          These similarly named formulae were found:
          nomad gromacs
          To install one of them, run (for example):
          brew install nomad
          ==> Searching for a previously deleted formula (in the last month)...
          Error: No previously deleted formula found.
          ==> Searching taps on GitHub...
          Warning: Error searching on GitHub: GitHub API Error: Bad credentials
          HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN may be invalid or expired; check:

          Error: No formulae found in taps.
          1 Create:jan-/Users/jan:

  22. Spent 3 hours last night watching MacPorts dependencies failing and finally gave up. Will try to build from source tonight and see if that’s more promising. Is there a reason for not providing OS X binaries the standard way?

  23. Hello! Good tool!
    Can you help me? how can i change some nomacs settings by registry or file if i use normal install. OS: Windows 7,8.1, 10

    1. nomacs 3.6 comes with a settings editor: Edit > Settings > Editor

      if you need to change the settings outside nomacs, open the registry (WIN+R regedit) then, the nomacs settings are here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\nomacs

  24. Dear nomacs devs and packagers,

    My notes are for win versions this time.
    I was a bit daunted to see that there is no 32bit portable version. I was in a hurry and just clicked through to see that it was a 64bit. (Now I am on a w7x86).
    Also, it was a bit of a hassle to find that .exe file among that forest of .dll files.

    – If it is not that much a hassle, can you keep maintain the 32bit portable?
    – Not sure if it was mentioned already elsewhere, but ever considered to have a version? (That maybe could handle x86 and x64 as well. Also, portableapps platform can handle the updates.)
    – Also another option to provide an option in the installer to extract\install a portable version of it.

    I can understand that it can be quite an effort, but please consider to keep these as possible improvements on the long run.

    Thank you very much for the great software! I wish all the best for you!


    1. Hi,
      thanks for the feedback. you can actually make an installed version portable yourself: copy the nomacs-x64 or nomacs-x86 folder to your desired destination. Then add an empty file and name it settings.nfo. If you startup the copied executable and hit F1, you will see ‘portable’ in the about dialog.

  25. This is the absolutely no 1 Windows preview tool. Absolutely lovely!

    One drawback though: partially compatible with extended desktop on Windows 7. While opening in normal mode the image gets stuck between screens (middle of whole exteded desktop area), Full Screen mode resolves it. Other than that: I’m going for support, it’s just brilliant in it’s simplicity and usability.

  26. Hello! Thank you for your product. It’s really very good. can you explain how to make a silent mode for local installation without network connectivity for “nomacs 3.4”. For example if the installer and repository are in the “C:\nomacs” folder.

  27. Portable version does not work. The following error is returned:
    The procedure entry point uctbase.terminate could not be located in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll.

    1. When I update Nomacs returned me de same error:

      The procedure entry point uctbase.terminate could not be located in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll.

      Please fix it!!, Nomacs is the best!!!

      1. thanks for your comments, and sorry for the problems! We have now updated the installer and the portable. They are tested on Win7, Win10. I would love to hear if it is also working on Win8 (We don’t have any VM for that…)


        1. You’ll get this problem if you don’t have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package.
          If you already have the 2015 package and still have the same problem than repair it in programs and features.

  28. Nomacs is one of the best image viewers I’ve tried, and I’ve tried all the recommended ones. So congrats for that :). I’m currently undecided between this one and Honeyview, but if you managed to implement the following suggestions I would be decided ;).

    #1 When Nomacs is set to switch images with the wheel (instead of zooming), unless I’m missing something, the only easy way to adjust zoom smoothly is by bringing your other hand to the Ctrl and hold it while wheeling. My suggestion would be to allow holding right mouse click + mouse wheel for zooming. Sumatra PDF (one of the most used and best pdf readers) uses that method, and it works great there. The reason for being the right mouse click and not the left, is because it’s generally the index finger that goes to the mouse wheel button;

    #2 Allowing image transition effects when scrolling images (just like it’s currently possible in Slideshow). Honeyview has a very subtle image transition effect when mouse scrolling through images, making scrolling through images look smooth and refined.

    #3 Fixing the Player Panel position (is it intended?). Currently it appears at about 75% from the top. So, some images end up having the player panel on top of them. If it was at the bottom, it would affect a smaller number of images (only those big enough to fill the whole screen). E.g. . Ideally it would be something like Honeyview has. A panel that only shows up when your mouse overs over it at the bottom of the screen.

    All in all, well done. Those are really the only “complaints” I have. Great job.

  29. What is that bullshit that is NEED INTERNET CONNECTION to fucking install the software?
    Now even a small piece of shit image viewer software is Control Freak ?

    1. our installer does not collect any user data. the reasons for using an online installer are:
      – users (you) can choose which packages to install
      – we can guarantee that no 3rd party software (adware/malware) is added to nomacs
      – you always get the latest nomacs – no matter how old the installer is
      if you do not believe me, you could check the source:

      consider nomacs portable if this does not convince you ( and disable update checks in the preferences.

      markus (the developer)

      p.s. is there a correlation between being paranoid and using explicit language?

      1. I use Windows on an offline machine. I’d like to install nomacs system-wide. An offline installer would be great.

      2. Sorry but I agree with Alex Jorge. What is this? Why can’t you just provide an offline installer? I’d love to use your great software for our company as a replacement of Windows 10 photo viewer. But it’s no use to me if every single computer needs to download sources from the internet…

        Portable version isn’t working properly either. Displays the welcome message every single time I start it…too bad. Will need to continue my search…

          1. What’s the point calling it an offline installer if you need an internet connection to install.

  30. I’ve looked for opensource crossplatform image viewer for years. And finally I’ve found it! Thank you guys! Excelent job!

  31. Wow !!!
    Nomacs is the best !!!
    It’s kind of VLC for pictures ;D
    Very happy with this new version.
    Thank developers, improving my desktop.
    Best Regards.

  32. I came here after reading an article on techsupportalert. They say there’s a 64-bit version of nomacs but i cant seem to find here. Then, I googled and found on sourceforge or github (cant really remember) a 64-bit edition of nomacs version 2.5 beta. Currently its on version 3. When I try to install this version 3 from it tries to install on a x86 program folder. So, Im confused. Is it 64 or 32 after all?

    1. Using the new installer (version >= 3.0) you can chose during installation whether to use 32 or 64 bit. We know that the installation folder is always x86 (even for 64 bit), but due to some reasons we have not changed this. The portable version is 64 bit. You can always check if your version is 32 or 64 bit by taking a look in the “?->About nomacs” dialog … if [x64] is added to the version number it is the 64bit version

      1. Sourgeforce lately was heavily criticized by several open source projects for hijacking those projects’ installers and injecting adware in them. Might be true, might be FUD…

        ex. :

        Some people started to dislike downloading software from sourceforge.

          1. Oh yes, seen the news now, the last missing 10 are on their way to paypal… 😉 (not this^ name, though).

  33. Every once in a while a product comes out that revolutionizes how the public interacts through that eras present form of communicating.
    This has been done by nomacs by allowing people to view (and edit) their images with its “appergonomic” ease.
    It might not be the most feature rich image viewing program but it’s like a well made puzzle.
    Piece by piece, plugin by plug-in features will be added by those that were attracted to nomacs by its ease of use therefore making sure each plugin is finely tuned to maintain nomacs most important feature, to allow one to use a compu’r without
    punching, kicking or cursing at an inanimate object.

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