nomacs toolbar

Image Viewing

  • supports the most common image formats including RAW (see table below)
  • fast thumbnail preview (Screenshot)
  • zoomable grid preview of thumbnails
  • display exif information (Screenshot)
  • framless view (Screenshot)
  • change transparency of windows (Screenshot)
  • display overview/histogram/file info (Screenshot)
  • file filtering/searching/sorting
  • improved anti-aliasing (cool for displaying highly textured images)
  • hide menubar and toolbar
  • slideshow
    • image information (e.g. date created)
    • play/pause with user defined time interval
    • adjustable background color

Image Editing

  • crop images (Screenshot)
  • resize images (Screenshot)
  • pseudo color function (Screenshot)
  • color adjustments (brightness/contrast/saturation …)
  • multi page TIFF export (Screenshot)
  • rotate images
  • drag and drop images
  • automatically save screenshots
  • delete/rename images
  • create mosaic image (Howto)
  • set wallpaper (windows only)

Viewer Synchronization

  • synchronize multiple instances (Screenshot) (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • synchronized next/previous file
    • overlay of two or more instances (with changing opacity)
    • arrange synchronized instances
  • synchronize multiple instances in the LAN (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • images can be sent over LAN connection
File Extension Read Write Comment
jpg x x
png x x
tif x x including Multi Page
bmp x x
ppm x x
xbm x x
xpm x x
jpeg2000 x x Windows only
webp x x
gif x
ico x no scales
pbm x
pgm x
nef x
crw x
cr2 x
arw x
mrw x
rw2 x
dng x
mpo x just main image is displayed
jps x
pns x
psd x
psb x
tga x

40 thoughts on “Features”

  1. Hi, can I move images from a directory to another and maybe create new directories? Can this feature be added or isn’t in the scope of the application?

  2. Any chance of supporting DDS files or game files anytime?
    I have a good viewer as it is for now. Should yours view more however I would change.

  3. Hi. great job Nomacs is an excellent software.
    my queation is it would be very nice if stars qualificatons were lightroom compatible. if you mark stars in nomacs could you see the same stars in lightromm?

  4. Hi,
    Is there support for sharing a picture 1 or more like via email from within the program (click on image and then either have an icon in the tool bar or menu entry to send via/by email ??

    1. if you have Thunderbird, you can add it to the Open With menu (File > Open With > Manage Applications). Nomacs then opens a new message with the currently displayed image attached.

    1. 1. Open the jpg file in nomacs.
      2. Click on Save As in the File menu.
      3. In the pop-up choose PNG as the save as type


  5. Hi, I am using a Mac OS X Mavericks and not so professional, so how can I get Nomacs running on a Mac. I have installed already MacPorts, but now I am searching to find the information how to get nomacs installed and running. Can you help

  6. Hi, does this program support lossless crop and rotation of JPEG images? Very few programs do and it’s really useful. Currently I use IrfanView for that purpose, but it would be nice if this one also had it.

  7. Hi,

    is it possible to overlay images and highlight the differences with another colour?
    I need this to compare tiff drawings.

  8. Hi Nomacs-Team,

    very nice work, i am just missing some things to be perfect and to switch completely to nomacs as number one viewer under linux:
    – copy and move to dialog
    – send various images to open with application (so i can write a python app for copying and moving by myself, see above)
    – right click “open in new tab” in the thumb panel, so i can easily compare images
    – rectangle zooming: select an rectangle with left mouse button and zoom to this selection then (so just another way to open overview mode)
    – find and filter just searches filenames, should be enhanced to the Notes, too.
    – command line options for the panels, menus, status bars, etc. to be shown at start up
    – define frame color and size of frameless view
    – rotating by any angle not just 90 *x
    – undo and redo icons in toolbar

    So thats all for the moment 🙂


    1. hi,

      thanks for the feedback… here are a few remarks:
      – rotating any angle can be either achieved with the crop tool or the transform plugin
      – undo/redo will be a new feature in 3.1
      – copy/move to can be either achieved with the batch tool or by drag&dropping from the thumbnail preview

      most other suggestions are pretty good and will be considered in the near future…

      1. Hello Everybody,

        Working with nomacs some days around now, and just some remarks on the image manipulations:
        – separate adjustments for red green blue etc. would be perfect
        – adjustments need a button (or right click, or double click) to set the value back to zero
        – inpainting plugin sounds great, looking forward to the gosc 2016!

        Makes fun using nomacs


  9. Hi – guter Ansatz, feine Arbeit. Ist es möglich über die CommandLineArgs Nomacs anzuweisen nur eine Instanz zu verwenden?

    danke und vg andi

    1. Thanks. It is possible to send an image to an external program via the File->”Open With” Function. Perhaps you have to add your application via the “Manage Applications” Dialog where you have to set the path for your program. Afterwards you can also assign a shortcut to a specific program using File -> “Keyboard Shortcuts”

  10. Hello. I love this program. <3
    But I use Ubuntu and, I think, many other users and, of course, I, would be very grateful and pleased if in the new versions appeared option "set wallpaper" for Ubuntu too, not just only for Windows.

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you for the great soft!

    1. Hi,
      thank you.
      It’s not easy to add this functionality for Linux so that it will work with all desktop managers. Thus we recommend using the set wallpaper function of the desktop manager.

  11. I really like this application. I searched a long time something like this with windows and linux support. Just one question is it possible to view Gimps xcf-Files?

    1. Hi,

      thanks for pointing this out. NRW is already supported. It is not added to the default extensions yet. You can add it File > Add Image Format – then drop an NRW file in the dialog. We will add it to the default extensions with the next release.
      if you want to set nomacs as default app for NRW files, you can open Edit > Settings > File Filters and then check the ‘register’ box there (after you have added the image extension).


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