nomacs toolbar

Image Viewing

  • supports the most common image formats including RAW (see table below)
  • fast thumbnail preview (Screenshot)
  • zoomable grid preview of thumbnails
  • display exif information (Screenshot)
  • framless view (Screenshot)
  • change transparency of windows (Screenshot)
  • display overview/histogram/file info (Screenshot)
  • file filtering/searching/sorting
  • improved anti-aliasing (cool for displaying highly textured images)
  • hide menubar and toolbar
  • slideshow
    • image information (e.g. date created)
    • play/pause with user defined time interval
    • adjustable background color

Image Editing

  • crop images (Screenshot)
  • resize images (Screenshot)
  • pseudo color function (Screenshot)
  • color adjustments (brightness/contrast/saturation …)
  • multi page TIFF export (Screenshot)
  • rotate images
  • drag and drop images
  • automatically save screenshots
  • delete/rename images
  • create mosaic image (Howto)
  • set wallpaper (windows only)

Viewer Synchronization

  • synchronize multiple instances (Screenshot) (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • synchronized next/previous file
    • overlay of two or more instances (with changing opacity)
    • arrange synchronized instances
  • synchronize multiple instances in the LAN (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • images can be sent over LAN connection
File Extension Read Write Comment
jpg x x
png x x
tif x x including Multi Page
bmp x x
ppm x x
xbm x x
xpm x x
jpeg2000 x x Windows only
webp x x
gif x
ico x no scales
pbm x
pgm x
nef x
crw x
cr2 x
arw x
mrw x
rw2 x
dng x
mpo x just main image is displayed
jps x
pns x
psd x
psb x
tga x

90 thoughts on “Features”

  1. hi,

    I can’t seem to find the mirror tool in nomacs anywhere, am i missing something or does it not contain that editing option?

  2. I love nomacs! However HEIC read would be really nice to have, as iOS and many people are transitioning to the much more efficient format, and windows could really use a blazingly fast HEIC viewer.

  3. Great image viewer – Thanks! However, it appears to skip over video formats (at least MOV). Any plans to add video formats?

  4. nomacs is awesome

    feature request 🙂
    please make it possible to view photos from a android phone, when this is connected to pc
    by usb cable to open a folder from a sdcard .\Computer\Galaxy\Card\DCIM

    currently it throws error message folder name invalid

    thanks in advance

    1. open a single does work, but open folder does not work like:

      please support dash character, underscore character, 0-9, a-z, A-Z 🙂


  5. Hi Markus,

    Would it be possible to have the progressive number of current image / total of images in folder displayed somewhere (i.e. in the windows title or the status bar) ?

    Example: in a folder containing 53 pictures, if I’m display picture 17, I’d like to see: 17/53.

    Thank you for your great software!

  6. This is the image viewer software I was dreaming about all my life! =) A lot of functionality with neat and intuitive GUI, a little masterpiece indeed.

  7. Can you please add a list of sorting options like Windows 10 has? So either “Sort by what the folder the photos are in are sorted” ie. If the folder options the photos are in, such as .CR2 files is set by right clicking –
    1 “View” Tab
    2 Then in that folder ribbon going to
    3 “Sort By” under “Current View” section
    4 Clicking “Sort By”
    5 In that drop down menu press “Choose Columns”
    6 Now there is a big list of pretty much every image “TAG” data

    This shows a universal list with check boxes of all types of EXIF data “TAG’s”

    Now my problem is monumental but there is no way to fix it on Nomacs that I could find! You see, I had a backup and a backup of the backup server that I had all my raw images in and a storm destroyed one but the other, I was able to do a data recovery with. The company that did the recovery ended up renaming every single image I’ve ever taken – Over a million .CR2 files. They were renamed out of order – each shoot had its own folder before – but now there is one location they are all in – and they are all out of order! I can put them in the correct order on Windows 10 inside the folder using the check mark to add Sort by “DATE TAKEN” and it orders them all perfectly – because “DATE TAKEN” as the Property – has the Value of Date XX / XX / XXXX and Time XX:XX AM/PM

    Now in Nomacs:
    – Sort by “Date Created” doesn’t work, they were all created in one day – “The day they were all Recovered!”
    – This is the same for “Date Modified”
    – You see my problem? The options do not change the order at all unless I do Sort by “Random”

    If you could add “Sort by Date Taken” from the EXIF data of Raw files – ie. In Windows 10 – Properties / Details / it shows the list of Properties and Values –

    Camera – all camera details –
    “Date taken, Dimensions, Size, Authors, Camera maker, Camera model, Camera serial number, ISO speed … Lens maker, Lens model

    Description –
    Title, Subject, Rating, Tags, Comments

    Origin –
    Authors, Date taken, Program name, Date acquired, Copyright, System AcquisitionID

    GPS –
    (lists every type of GPS data name – and the value for each – there’s a ton so not going to list here lol)

    File –
    Name, Item type, Folder path, Size, Date created, Date modified, Date accessed, Attributes, Shared with, Owner, Computer

    – I list these properties because Date Created, Date Modified, Date Accessed, Attributes, these are all the same for every single photo – the only part that is unique to order them correctly is the very first one under “Camera” – and the option is “Date Taken” And it has the Day, Month, Year and the Time plus AM or PM. This would be such an awesome feature to add, and since you already have some of these options in Nomacs, adding “Date Taken” under “Sort by” would be a life saver!

    I really, really dislike “Windows Photos!” because RAW (.CR2) files automatically adjust no matter what I do! I just want to view them in order and Nomacs doesn’t do that crazy annoying auto adjust – changing how the photo was taken to whatever the heck windows does! Plus Nomacs is just way faster and nicer!

    I know this is a really long comment! Sorry! I just wanted to make sure you understood the issue! I am putting all my photos in their own folder again, but they are still out of order and named wrong.

    Just having the “Sort by” “Date Taken” would be amazing! Also adding it to the “Batch” section to rename the photos in the right order would be EPIC!

    Thank you for reading my long, crazy thoughts and request! I can manage, but if there’s a way I can add something to it myself I can do that – or I can wait until the next update or quick fix!
    – Nicholas

  8. Is it possible to navigate nomacs using only the keyboard? I can’t find information by searching documentation and it’s not apparent from the app itself.

    1. left/right on the keyboard to change to the next or previous image in the folder. page up/down to move a configurable number of images through the folder (default is 10).

  9. Wow very interesting software: simple, minimal, effective and full of features.
    I noticed one thing: when i use crop tool there is a kind of horizontal glitch… also you could improve the snap to the edge of the image, in fact it is not easy to understand if you are cutting exactly on the edge of the image or a little off.
    For the perfect rest, congratulations!

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for your amazing job in this software
    I have a (simple) feature request: Is that possible to add a “copy pathname in clipboard” ?
    That would be so useful for me and certainly main other users.


  11. I’m looking for a Linux based replacement for Geosetter: Setting / editing geocoordinates and view using a map

  12. I am using it because Gwenview has stopped giving dng support. I want to be able to open files with other applications eg gimp and Rew Therapie when I attempt this I get a screen which does not list the applications which are installed. Strange because any old file manager gives this option.

  13. I was looking for an Irfanview type photo editor. Yours was highly recommended by several different sources. I will keep it, but I do have one major question.

    Why do you not have the option of “preserve aspect ratio” in the resizing tool? I like to take very large pixel photographs and then resize them for emails. It’s very difficult to figure out the right aspect ratio for the resized photo so it isn’t distorted. Almost every other photo viewer/editor has this option.

    I was looking for a tutorial for resizing and didn’t seem to find one.

  14. I love this app but absolutely unexpected native raw image (overexposed) in different viewers its ok !?!? any idea ?!?

  15. where is the adjustment for contrast? I cant seem to find it.
    Is it possible to add curves and/or levels ?
    Thank you.

    1. I agree, there seems to be no straightforward contrast enhancement.

      There is only “Exposure” and “Sharpen” which are not necessarily the same things as contrast adjustment.

      I think the feature list is misleading here and should be updated.

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  17. Hi, how do I make sure when deleting files they’re sent to Trash? Currently, it just permanently deletes them.

  18. I have – unsuccessfully – been trying to find a way to open nomacs using a default directory rather than the last used location.

    Tried various CLI options but no go – would a default directory option be possible please?

  19. Hi guys, great piece of software, though I have to admit I don’t understand the choice of some of the panels/floats/overlays around the main image area.

    Today I wanted to simply increase the contrast of a scanned image, but found no contrast slider anywhere. I was able to use the Exposure and Offset sliders (dragging them in opposite directions had a similar effect as increasing contrast), but it’s not quite as convenient as having a single slider (kinda advertised under Features above). If contrast is truly mathematically the same as sliding Exposure and Offset, may I suggest adding a Contrast slider that moves them simultaneously.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks again for my favourite image viewer!

  20. Hi,thanks for your greatapplication, I also love your cross-platform ability. I have a feature request, would you make non image files hidden in file explorer within nomacs

  21. First, thanks for creating nomacs, it is my viewer of choice on Linux.

    Just to confirm, nomacs is showing the embedded jpg from a raw (I have a Nikon, nef in my case), isn’t it? Can this be made somehow clear to the user? Any chance of displaying the raw with lens corrections applied. This is not easy task I presume.

    On Windows I use as well ACDSee – it has a button that toggles between showing the embedded jpg and proper decoding raw Alas, no support yet for Z 6 and its lenses. Can you do at least the same, have a button/menu to toggle between embedded and raw decode?

    Many thanks,


  22. Is there any way to shown only either raw or the jpg file of same filename? When browsing through my images, I often have CR2 and JPG files but for a first sighting, I’d rather only look at the JPG unless there is none.

  23. Hi! Great viewer, my default one now!

    Is there a feature, that when viewing images from a directory to show image count in a corner? Like image 12 of 123?


  24. Hi, can I move images from a directory to another and maybe create new directories? Can this feature be added or isn’t in the scope of the application?

  25. Any chance of supporting DDS files or game files anytime?
    I have a good viewer as it is for now. Should yours view more however I would change.

  26. Hi. great job Nomacs is an excellent software.
    my queation is it would be very nice if stars qualificatons were lightroom compatible. if you mark stars in nomacs could you see the same stars in lightromm?

  27. Hi,
    Is there support for sharing a picture 1 or more like via email from within the program (click on image and then either have an icon in the tool bar or menu entry to send via/by email ??

    1. if you have Thunderbird, you can add it to the Open With menu (File > Open With > Manage Applications). Nomacs then opens a new message with the currently displayed image attached.

    1. 1. Open the jpg file in nomacs.
      2. Click on Save As in the File menu.
      3. In the pop-up choose PNG as the save as type


  28. Hi, I am using a Mac OS X Mavericks and not so professional, so how can I get Nomacs running on a Mac. I have installed already MacPorts, but now I am searching to find the information how to get nomacs installed and running. Can you help

  29. Hi, does this program support lossless crop and rotation of JPEG images? Very few programs do and it’s really useful. Currently I use IrfanView for that purpose, but it would be nice if this one also had it.

  30. Hi,

    is it possible to overlay images and highlight the differences with another colour?
    I need this to compare tiff drawings.

  31. Hi Nomacs-Team,

    very nice work, i am just missing some things to be perfect and to switch completely to nomacs as number one viewer under linux:
    – copy and move to dialog
    – send various images to open with application (so i can write a python app for copying and moving by myself, see above)
    – right click “open in new tab” in the thumb panel, so i can easily compare images
    – rectangle zooming: select an rectangle with left mouse button and zoom to this selection then (so just another way to open overview mode)
    – find and filter just searches filenames, should be enhanced to the Notes, too.
    – command line options for the panels, menus, status bars, etc. to be shown at start up
    – define frame color and size of frameless view
    – rotating by any angle not just 90 *x
    – undo and redo icons in toolbar

    So thats all for the moment 🙂


    1. hi,

      thanks for the feedback… here are a few remarks:
      – rotating any angle can be either achieved with the crop tool or the transform plugin
      – undo/redo will be a new feature in 3.1
      – copy/move to can be either achieved with the batch tool or by drag&dropping from the thumbnail preview

      most other suggestions are pretty good and will be considered in the near future…

      1. Hello Everybody,

        Working with nomacs some days around now, and just some remarks on the image manipulations:
        – separate adjustments for red green blue etc. would be perfect
        – adjustments need a button (or right click, or double click) to set the value back to zero
        – inpainting plugin sounds great, looking forward to the gosc 2016!

        Makes fun using nomacs


  32. Hi – guter Ansatz, feine Arbeit. Ist es möglich über die CommandLineArgs Nomacs anzuweisen nur eine Instanz zu verwenden?

    danke und vg andi

    1. Thanks. It is possible to send an image to an external program via the File->”Open With” Function. Perhaps you have to add your application via the “Manage Applications” Dialog where you have to set the path for your program. Afterwards you can also assign a shortcut to a specific program using File -> “Keyboard Shortcuts”

  33. Hello. I love this program. <3
    But I use Ubuntu and, I think, many other users and, of course, I, would be very grateful and pleased if in the new versions appeared option "set wallpaper" for Ubuntu too, not just only for Windows.

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you for the great soft!

    1. Hi,
      thank you.
      It’s not easy to add this functionality for Linux so that it will work with all desktop managers. Thus we recommend using the set wallpaper function of the desktop manager.

  34. I really like this application. I searched a long time something like this with windows and linux support. Just one question is it possible to view Gimps xcf-Files?

    1. Hi,

      thanks for pointing this out. NRW is already supported. It is not added to the default extensions yet. You can add it File > Add Image Format – then drop an NRW file in the dialog. We will add it to the default extensions with the next release.
      if you want to set nomacs as default app for NRW files, you can open Edit > Settings > File Filters and then check the ‘register’ box there (after you have added the image extension).


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