4 thoughts on “Image Notes”

  1. Would be great if the notes were automatically populated by the iptc Caption field, if it’s filled in.

  2. Nice feature wich is great for fast titling of photos, but it would be even better if it would use the same character encoding like windows 8 does (utf-8, I guess?). I use a web album generator where you have to choose one codepage and if it’s mixed up (because I have used the “comment” function of Windows explorer on most of my photos until now) you get wrong characters for umlaute and other special characters.
    It also would be nice if the widget could be larger to see the whole text.
    And there’s a problem with pasting text there: It doesen’t just use the text but also color and size, wich is not very useful.
    But nevertheless it’s really great that It comes with such a feature!

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