MSI Installer

Since a lot of you were asking for a blind installer and/or an msi installer. We have now created an msi installer with nomacs 3.6 beta. We would be happy if you could test this installer and leave feedback here, so that switching to msi in the next version works smooth.
— the nomacs team

10 thoughts on “MSI Installer”

  1. What about silent installation and proxy ? Previously we had install-script.js and –proxy , how do we set up proxy now ?

    Any documentation on unattended install ?

    1. you don’t need the proxy anymore – for the msi installer is offline.
      the unattended install can be invoked by
      nomacs-setup-x64.msi /passive
      nomacs-setup-x64.msi /qn

  2. Many thanks for this!
    Used this .msi to deploy nomacs in a school across 300 devices running Windows 10 Enterprise through SCCM.
    Worked a treat, no issues at all.

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