Multi User Systems

in nomacs 3.10.2 we have added a better multi user support because of your feedback.

Basically you can now create default settings that are applied to all user settings after the first start-up. Therefore, you have to export your desired defaults by “Edit > Settings > General > Export Settings” and name them “default.ini“. If you now replace the default.ini in the nomacs install directory, these settings will be applied if a new user starts nomacs for the first time.

– the nomacs team

HINT: the check for updates option is an issue for some large companies. Creating a default.ini with this content:


will disable checking for updates. Additionally, users won’t be able to manually check for updates anymore.


10 thoughts on “Multi User Systems”

  1. First, thanks for this great software. Not sure about others opinions but for Windows I’d actually prefer if you could disable updates during MSI installation and/or registry settings. Makes deployment more straight-forward as well as retrofitting using GPOs to enforce/change settings.

  2. Important to know that the default.ini is used to generate a settings.ini for the user with all default settings done. This file is generated after first start of nomacs.exe.

    Ini file is located in C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Roaming\nomacs\Image Lounge

    If the settings.ini is does exist before changes are done in the default.ini. The default settings won’t be applied!

    You can distribute a custom settings.ini for each user if you are using any UEM solution like Vmware UEM or Avanti Workspace Control.

  3. Hello
    In the case of a mass deployment the export of the file is interesting. However in this same mass deployment situation, I wish I could “force” windows to use Nomacs by default to open images, how is this possible please? I did a search on a possible modification of the registry but except the association of file extensions I find nothing that will tell Windows that to open an image it must use Nomacs… Can you help me in my approach?
    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  4. Very happy to see this option disableUpdateInteraction ^-^
    I didn’t for the default.ini, I’ll try !
    Thank you for all,

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