Multi User Systems

in nomacs 3.10.2 we have added a better multi user support because of your feedback.

Basically you can now create default settings that are applied to all user settings after the first start-up. Therefore, you have to export your desired defaults by “Edit > Settings > General > Export Settings” and name them “default.ini“. If you now replace the default.ini in the nomacs install directory, these settings will be applied if a new user starts nomacs for the first time.

– the nomacs team

HINT: the check for updates option is an issue for some large companies. Creating a default.ini with this content:


will disable checking for updates. Additionally, users won’t be able to manually check for updates anymore.


9 thoughts on “Multi User Systems”

  1. Important to know that the default.ini is used to generate a settings.ini for the user with all default settings done. This file is generated after first start of nomacs.exe.

    Ini file is located in C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Roaming\nomacs\Image Lounge

    If the settings.ini is does exist before changes are done in the default.ini. The default settings won’t be applied!

    You can distribute a custom settings.ini for each user if you are using any UEM solution like Vmware UEM or Avanti Workspace Control.

  2. Hello
    In the case of a mass deployment the export of the file is interesting. However in this same mass deployment situation, I wish I could “force” windows to use Nomacs by default to open images, how is this possible please? I did a search on a possible modification of the registry but except the association of file extensions I find nothing that will tell Windows that to open an image it must use Nomacs… Can you help me in my approach?
    Thanks a lot in advance πŸ™‚

  3. Very happy to see this option disableUpdateInteraction ^-^
    I didn’t for the default.ini, I’ll try !
    Thank you for all,

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