New Cropping

we have recreated the crop tool since this is a central feature of nomacs. You can test it in this beta release. Please leave feedback here so we can improve it for the upcoming release.

12 thoughts on “New Cropping”

  1. I tested the new tool and found it terrible. Moving the picture in the background instead of the frame in the foreground is nonsense.

    Furthermore it breaks zooming in and out while cropping, which is something I use a lot. With the current tool, you can draw a loose frame with the whole picture in sight, then zoom in to see details and adjust the frame’s borders accordingly. This works well because both the picture and the frame get zoomed in and out together and it doesn’t affect their relative position. With the zoom only applying to the picture while the frame stays at the same size, it’s unusable, so you can’t adjust the borders precisely.

    Please don’t change working features for the worst. Nomacs is one of the few image viewers with a decent cropping tool, it would be a pity to lose that.

    The only problem I have with the current tool is the stickiness on the borders. Sometimes I would like to remove, say, only 2px on a border, but the sticky frame won’t let me do that and instead keeps jumping 10px away from the border.

  2. Is it too complicated to maintain both cropping modes, which could then be selected inside the options?

  3. Initially I liked the look of the new cropping tool but further use of it has changed my mind and I’ve reverted to V3.16. More recently I’ve had problems getting the portable version of 3.17 to stay on screen. It seems now as soon as I load an image and try to do something with it, Nomacs shuts itself down so no further trials are possible. For what its worth here are my likes and dislikes with 3.17 –

    Like –
    Crop frame being initially anchored to the corners of the image.
    Rotate tool being available on the same screen
    Dislike –
    Restricted number of aspect ratios in drop down list and no way to set a custom ratio.
    No pixel count shown on status bar so can’t manually create a custom crop to specific size.
    When selecting a crop area in the image it seems counter intuitive for the image to move behind the crop frame rather than the frame moving over the image.

  4. I switched from IrFanView, I love using this program, the zoom shortcuts are so convenient. : > I’d like to request a new feature, could you could add an option to hide our idle mouse cursors while viewing images in full screen? Just like video players do. I appreciate this program a lot, even the interface and the logo are appealing, thanks thanks.

  5. Thanks for the info. I was lost w/ cropping. I never would have thought of double clicking! Been using the software to quickly review images of the conjunction and checking the EXIF details of photos.

  6. A verbal description would be nice. I couldn’t even find any info on how to use the old cropping tool, which I find unintuitive, despite having used many other viewers with some editing capabilities (e.g. IrvanView, XnView).
    Do I have to install the beta to find out how the new crop works?

  7. Hi! Love the app! 😃
    Would be cool to have ability to specify exact size in pixels of cropping border.
    Otherwise how will it work in Batch Processing?

  8. Hi

    I use nomacs especially for the fast and easy cropping. Draw frame, hit enter, done. The new mechanism feels wrong and weird to use and above all slower. Sorry to say, but i am not happy with it. I go back to the old version.

    1. I agree. This feels weird, not intuitive. You need two clicks instead of one to select the crop area. Moving the cropped area by moving the picture itself is counter-intuitive.
      One good point, though, is the automatic zoom after setting the area.

      1. That’s kind of unfortunate. I’ve never seen a cropping tool like this, so I have no idea if that’s something preferred by photographers, but I find it more time consuming to select the area that I want compared to the other “select region” way.

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