nomacs 2.0 beta

since we have changed a lot of code in the loading and saving routines, we decided to release a beta version prior to the first 2.0 release. if you find any bugs, please let us know. new features of this beta are:

  • Threaded file loading/saving
  • UPnP support that allows for detecting nomacs in WLAN networks
  • Option for syncing all actions
  • Auto file updating (without locks)
  • Full exif support on linux (fixes issue #192)
  • White list to automatically connect with your computers
  • Gamma correction on down sampling (fixes #322)
  • New (improved) cacher
  • Improvements in the Thumbnail Preview

you can download and test the beta here.

— the nomacs team

4 thoughts on “nomacs 2.0 beta”

  1. Is there a 2.0 beta package for Debian?

    I tried to compile it myself, but I have no experience in compiling, so I failed. A deb-Package or PPA would be really appreciated!

    I Like nomacs a lot, and I’m really excited about the new features in 2.0…

    1. hi,
      unfortunately there does not exist nothing like launchpad for debian. if you tell us which debian version you are using (including 32 oder 64 bit) i can build you a package if you want.
      Compiling should be fairly easy, if you have installed the right development packages 🙂

  2. hi tetsu,
    we are planning on making the thumbnails movable – however, this needs some changes in the code. the other features should not be a problem. but we’ll add it to either the title or the status to keep the interface clean.

  3. Can you add option to change thumbnails position (right, left or bottom)? This might be useful for small screens like laptop’s display.
    And please make it possible to display current zoom level in title bar and status bar.
    Thanks for your great software, and please excuse my poor English!

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