nomacs 2.2

you know we like numbers… so we release nomacs 2.2 on 11.11. This version fixes a few issues you reported and adds cool features such as reading images from zip (docx, xlsx, pptx) archives, or a full metadata panel. The full changelog is:

  • Reading images from ZIP (+ Office Documents e.g. docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Metadata panel (displays all metadata of an image)
  • Thumbnail panel layout (Vertical or Undock)
  • Notes (you can now take and display notes which are written to the image metadata)
  • Private mode which does not save any settings including recent files
  • Option which disables check for updates
  • Option which disables logging of recent files/folders
  • Additional RAW files added (including Pentax [PEF], Samsung [SRW], Hasselblad [3FR] and Sigma [X3F])
  • JPG2000 read/write fixed for large files (windows with setup only)
  • Resize dialog fixes
  • File order fixed for Linux/Unix
  • Segfault fixed if ‘fast thumbnail preview’ is checked
  • Saving images without extension (linux only) fixed

— the nomacs team


6 thoughts on “nomacs 2.2”

  1. When i try to open the installer, an NSIS error apears. It says Error launching installer.
    It is because of my computer? I really want this tool..

    1. Which operating system do you have? For Windows XP you have to download a seperate Version (1.6.4, since this is the last version which supports Windows XP), otherwise try to download the x86 version.


    2. in addition, we have a portable version which runs without the installer, maybe you could try this. Could you please post your operating system, so that we can fix the error?

  2. good evening

    nomacs 2.2 (for 3F-Files, Hasselblad) on my mac – i can’t install it 🙁

    is there any easyer way (a simple installer) to install the tool?

    kind regards from switzerland

    1. hi,

      we would love to make the installation as easy as possible. However, on Mac OS we rely on the community… So if someone is interested in improving the mac installer, we would be happy : )


  3. Keep improving it,guys and gals.It is a great viewer.I will donate whenever I am able to do so.
    Thank you for a great job.

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