nomacs 2.4.4

this version is mainly a response to all your suggestions and bug reports – thank you for supporting us in increasing nomacs’ performance and usability. New features include:

  • Improved batch processing (you can now add images from multiple folders)
  • New Metadata HUD panel (you can dynamically choose entries)
  • nomacs respects your default proxy settings (e.g. when [manually] updating)
  • The portable version ships with a qss file (so you can customize almost everything)

the most important fixes are:

  • Default strings are now translated
  • Linux file sorting is (hopefully) fixed by now
  • Gamma correction for rescaling is now 16 bit (smooth gradients)
  • Zoom to Fit added (replaces ‘Reset Zoom’)
  • Saving of multiple tabs
  • UTF-8 encoding for image notes
  • General stability improvements

[EDIT] thanks to R3gi we have noticed that nomacs 2.4.4 has slow loading times on Windows 7. That is why we updated only these versions to nomacs 2.4.5. Sorry for any inconveniences caused!

— the nomacs team

9 thoughts on “nomacs 2.4.4”

  1. Hi nomacs

    I really wondering that why you don’t add converting
    options to any format to your program ?!


  2. Tried nomacs for a bit on Windows 10 Tecnical Preview, and found some bugs:
    * The “Show menu” option was not fully respected with the menu showing on loading
    * when advancing to the next image in a folder it tried to open lnk (windows shortcut) files
    * 64bit version installs itself in “Program Files (x86)” by default (or at least it does if you install the 32 bit version first)
    * It doesn’t properly register itself as a image viewer so it doesn’t show on the available programs list when using “open with” on an image

    1. After posting the comment I noticed your bug tracker so I submitted all the bugs as individual issues there, apologies for the comment spam.

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