nomacs 3.12

nomacs 3.12 ships with a new icon theme, an improved dark theme, and speed-ups. Here are some other things that changed:

  • recent files panel renewed
  • new icon theme
  • improved drag&drop of thumbnail preview (copy/move/link)
  • editable zoom levels
  • fill transparent background with a color added
  • LAN client removed
  • batch: original filename is added to the metadata
  • frameless: multi-screen setup improved
  • SVG: resulting image size can be adjusted when converting
  • RLE compressed TGA support
  • bug fixes
  • Updates
    • quazip 0.7.6
    • libraw 0.18
    • exiv2 3.3.2

40 thoughts on “nomacs 3.12”

  1. Great viewer – thanks! However it appears to skip over video files (at least MOV). Does it support any video formats or might this be added?

    1. Version 3.8 is still what the Fedora repos have. 3.8 has abysmally slow speed in clicking from raw image to the next raw image. I spent some time trying to decipher the terse instructions for compiling and installing from sources and failed. My recourse was to go to Fedora 27 and grab the opencv rpms and the nomacs 3.6 rpm and install those in Fedora 28. Works as expected–fast update of image displayed when clicking through a long set of raw thumbs. That might also be the case for 3.10 and 3.12 but Fedora needs to get those in a repo or someone needs to make the compiling instructions more clear to those of us who can follow a recipe (I compile RawTherapee from sources on a weekly basis).

  2. Hello! I am delighted with nomacs! I use Linux Mint and nowhere can I find the latest version of the program. The current version in the standard repository is 3.8. Could you share a direct link or PPA?

  3. Is there a reason LAN client was removed?
    Got nomacs for this specific reason and only saw that in 3.12 it was removed.

    1. Hi,

      we removed the LAN client because we had issues with some anti-virus scans & the maintaining it became labor intensive. (you can still use it if you fallback to an older version).


    1. Acdsee in the past (I don’t know if it always possible) allow to create Html pages, with clickable thumbnail. It would be great to have a similar feature.

  4. Just reinstalled on a new machine today, and it made me realize how much I value using nomacs. The new update looks great as well! Since I was here to download it again and check the changelog, I wanted to thank you for your continued support on this software. I’m very glad I found this tool!

  5. First. Your soft is amazing. (I really like the Pong btw).

    Second, a little suggestion :
    I use the synchronise viewers feature a lot on side-by-side/superimposed image sequences (often with 3D render). This is soooo awesome for rapid checking.
    Usually I push the alt button then lateral arrows for sync scrubbing but I always do a single press at a time (and not too fast). Because if I stay pressed, the images numbers desynchronise progressively.
    Ex: On two synced editor. I start with “colo_0001.png” and “outline_0001.png” and when I realease the arrow key after a continuous press I end up with “colo_0035.png” and “outline_0043.png” (one editor slide images faster !)
    It would really help if they keep sliding as fast as they can on a continuous press but still “waiting for each other” ^^

    Other suggestion (Much less important but would be a nice addition for imgs sequences) :
    An option to sync on the sequence frame number (a sequence mode)!
    Ex : I have opened colo_0015.png and outline_0120.png. With this “sequence mode” option enabled, when I’ll do a sync with ctrl+alt+drag’n’drop from colo to outline, outline would matches colo number and change image to 0015 instead of 120.
    I wonder if it’s possible (or too heavy) because it suppose the software scan the sequences in image folder + extract rightmost number in the filename (i would do like this in python at least ^^).
    And maybe with this mode active you can’t unsync your frames number. Hence if you slide to next image it do as well on other viewer without requiring ‘alt’ pressed (not sure about this behaviour though…).

    Anyway, the sync mode is already supergood and I demo a lot to friends to convert them 😉
    Also, I made an article on my blog about nomacs for easier friend conversion ! (It’s in french):

    Keep up the awesomeness ! Thank you

  6. New theme looks great!

    But when Nomacs 3.12.1 is first launched it takes a very long time to open, after it’s been launched once it’s instant until the next system reboot. This also happens with 3.10.1, but it doesn’t happen with 3.8.0 so I’ll be sticking with that version for now unfortunately.

    Another issue with 3.12.1 is when skipping through multiple images, the image is shown in pixel view for a split second before it looks like it’s rendered smooth. The pixel scale setting doesn’t work.

  7. I wish the simple draging image betwen screens will return c:
    The popup window with screen select is total meh 🙁 , i checked “Save settings” and now i can’t figure out where i can change the screens again…

    I remember that in some older versions that feature was much much better than now, because i just double click in image and drag image (in frameless mode) everywhere where i want, even betwen screens.

  8. I liked it better in the previous Versions when I could could choose the compression rate for JPEG in percentage steps when saving a picture. Now I have only 4 quality grades to choose from, and the file size in the lowest setting is still much bigger than it used to be.

    1. thanks for your feedback. I have now added an additional category (“Bad Quality”) that reduces 20MP images to 600KB (though I would not recommend to compress images that hard : )

    1. does the print preview crash?
      the time to send to the printer depends heavily on the image size and your printer’s memory (nomacs does not do a lot of processing there…)

  9. The new theme and icons look great!
    It seems the when zooming in, pixels are always shown and the “Show pixels if zoom level is above” option is not working as expected. Wondering if this could be fixed. Thanks you!

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