nomacs 3.12

nomacs 3.12 ships with a new icon theme, an improved dark theme, and speed-ups. Here are some other things that changed:

  • recent files panel renewed
  • new icon theme
  • improved drag&drop of thumbnail preview (copy/move/link)
  • editable zoom levels
  • fill transparent background with a color added
  • LAN client removed
  • batch: original filename is added to the metadata
  • frameless: multi-screen setup improved
  • SVG: resulting image size can be adjusted when converting
  • RLE compressed TGA support
  • bug fixes
  • Updates
    • quazip 0.7.6
    • libraw 0.18
    • exiv2 3.3.2

12 thoughts on “nomacs 3.12”

  1. I liked it better in the previous Versions when I could could choose the compression rate for JPEG in percentage steps when saving a picture. Now I have only 4 quality grades to choose from, and the file size in the lowest setting is still much bigger than it used to be.

    1. thanks for your feedback. I have now added an additional category (“Bad Quality”) that reduces 20MP images to 600KB (though I would not recommend to compress images that hard : )

    1. does the print preview crash?
      the time to send to the printer depends heavily on the image size and your printer’s memory (nomacs does not do a lot of processing there…)

  2. The new theme and icons look great!
    It seems the when zooming in, pixels are always shown and the “Show pixels if zoom level is above” option is not working as expected. Wondering if this could be fixed. Thanks you!

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