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  1. Can’t install this software.
    Installation says I don’t have privileges enought, but I AM the admin of my home computer, and I entered as admin.


    1. not from within nomacs (though you can print multiple images from the thumbnail preview and use the print driver to print multiple images per page)

  2. Hi
    after upgrade to the new version , my pictures has a weird pink or magenta tone
    what can I do?


  3. Hello,

    Just a suggestion: could you possibly add the ability to set hotkeys to certain functions such as show 100% or fit to screen (for example)?

  4. OK, Just starting to try to use Nomacs seriously to process RAW photos, lots of them from a Norway rtrip to the Northern Lights.
    Been using Nomacs to simple reduce data size of photos for email transmission. Simple and it works.
    I think the next step will be more challenging, Can anyone advise a tutorial or i=user manaul document worth my while reviewing before getting caught up in the software

    1. nomacs does not have the best RAW support possible (compared to i.e. Photoshop). So I would recommend to use it for viewing RAW images but not for processing them because you might not get the best quality possible.

  5. Hello Markus –
    I have been using nomacs since 2018, several versions, including this one, running Linux.

    I like it very much, really, and I have added (in a crude way, at least) some “improvements”, etc., for my needs, but there is a problem beyond my understanding of the code:

    After editing (say, cropping) an image and creating a new file in the same directory, the thumbnail preview (Shift T) still shows the old file name.
    Reloading the directory does not help, I have to quit nomacs and reopen it to have the thumbnail preview list correct file names — which is important, when I want to copy or move files from one directory to another, etc., by selecting files from the preview.

    I have been looking for any reports on that problem on github, but I’ve not found anything.
    Maybe you will have some some suggestions — I may be doing something wrong, of course;
    if not I will file a report on github, with all the details.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Thomas,
      could you please report this over at github? (discussions are easier over there & I check these issues more frequently.)


  6. Some regressions I would like to point out (Windows)

    svg format doesn’t work anymore

    animated webp doesn’t loop

    and animated png still not working.

  7. Hello!
    love nomacs ….but last 3.14 version nomacs-setup-x64.msi ” is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous”?

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