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  1. If I add Text or a shape with the “Paint on Image” plugin I also see a “Hand” icon on the menu, but i cant move text or shapes or arrows i added to a picture.
    I already gave up, when suddenly a circle moved to another place in the picture. But I can’t replicate that.

    Is there a way to reposition drawn shapes in this plugin?

  2. Recently discovered this when looking into custom overlay images. Is an amazing piece of software.

    A feature I’d love to see which would make this perfect, is a way to use the launch/command options to have the image be in Locked Window without needing to use the hotkey.

    I know it’s very situation, but having that feature would make this program perfect for what I’m looking for. If this is already a thing and I’m being blind, would love someone to point it our for me.

  3. Nomacs is a wonderful & great image viewer. But no longer in Debian’s 11 repos. I only could install it with Flatpaks. Sorry, Flatpaks? Who to heck uses this crappy stuff? The installation of Nomacs needs nearly 1 GB with Flatpaks! I am not nuts….Sorry, but I have to check for another image viewer now.

  4. Hi,
    I am really diggin Nomacs, but I have a couple requests:

    1. Allow Alpha channel for animated Gifs, so that the new video can overlap another video or desktop and you can see through. (Note: I know you can change the transparency, but the transparent background is never really transparent._
    2. Allow for positioning of the video within the command line.


  5. Hi there! Really love this image viewer with its simple edit functions. Great job, guys!

    Has anyone had luck with installing this on Linux Mint 20 or Ubuntu 20? I installed the qt-heif-image-plugin and ppa:strukturag/libheif but have not gotten nomacs to display HEIC images.

    While the libheif has a Ubunut 20 version, the qt ppa says it is for version 19. Could this have something to do with it? Does any one have any advise?

  6. Can somebody help me with the Crop function. It doesn’t appear to work on my system (v3.16.1709 x64 Win10). I select the crop tool, greyed out box appears, select crop area, move to adjust edges, all good so far, then hit Enter and the crop disappears and screen displays full uncropped image again. Tried using Save As but still no crop is saved. What am I doing wrong? I love NOMACS but this is weird.

  7. The notes say supports CR3. Do you mean Canon’s .cr3 format? If so, it doesn’t seem to work on Linux Mint (am using the flatpack to get this version; it isn’t available in the Mint/Ubuntu repositories, apparently.)

  8. Hello! Is there a way to have this latest version from the Debian repositories,which apparently are stuck with v. 3.12 atthis moment?
    I read about the flatpack, but maybe due to my light xfce Debian, this imposes an enormous download compared to the good old package…
    Thank you and all the best, in any case!

  9. I have to report two “malfunctions” on the msi installer:

    1a. if the msiexec is executed in the SYSTEM context, then the program will NOT be listed in installed programs (apparently entries HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{5EA83D2A-E3B5-43C0-A5A6-9D57BDDA792B} are NOT created). This is a typical scenario when the msi is called by a startup script. This can be considered a real malfunction, unless you have a msi switch that addresses this limitation

    1b. the second downside of 1a is that only the user who has installed the program will see it listed in the application wizard, which is particularly inconvenient in structured systems

    2. in all my experiments the msi is installing the shortcut only in the user context which is particularly inconvenient as normally the user who installs the program is not the user who will use it

  10. Drag and dropping folders into the window somewhat broke with the update for me. If I have a file already opened I’m unable to open a folder by drag and dropping it into the window but if I go into thumbnail preview (Shift + T by default) beforehand somehow it works. Before the update (dunno what version I was) I could drop folders and the app would go into thumbnail preview no matter what but now I need to go into thumbnail preview before dropping it if it makes any sense. What should I do? Should I reinstall, is there a new config or should I wait for a fix?

    1. So I tried a few versions to see if I could have a version with drag and dropping folders like I was doing and I will be sticking it with 3.14.2 for now. The newest 3.16 and the 3.17.2206 beta hadn’t that working for me but at least I can enjoy your app in my way for now.

    2. Same here. Win 1809, just updated nomacs and it keeps saying “Sorry, I could not drop the content” when trying to drop a folder on it. Thanks for the tip about it working in thumbnail preview or using 3.14.2. Is this a known issue?

  11. Things I’d love to be in nomacs one day :
    -a small panel indicating which frame of a gif is currently playing (like 12/40)
    -the player panel to automatically fade out if the mouse is far enough from it (and automatically fade in if the mouse moves near it)

    Still great update love the program.

  12. Nomacs installer on Windows does not show me where Nomacs is installed… I can’t fin it anywhere. Uninstalled and reinstalled, and it doesnt mention anything about install location.

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