8 thoughts on “nomacs 3.16”

  1. Drag and dropping folders into the window somewhat broke with the update for me. If I have a file already opened I’m unable to open a folder by drag and dropping it into the window but if I go into thumbnail preview (Shift + T by default) beforehand somehow it works. Before the update (dunno what version I was) I could drop folders and the app would go into thumbnail preview no matter what but now I need to go into thumbnail preview before dropping it if it makes any sense. What should I do? Should I reinstall, is there a new config or should I wait for a fix?

    1. So I tried a few versions to see if I could have a version with drag and dropping folders like I was doing and I will be sticking it with 3.14.2 for now. The newest 3.16 and the 3.17.2206 beta hadn’t that working for me but at least I can enjoy your app in my way for now.

  2. Things I’d love to be in nomacs one day :
    -a small panel indicating which frame of a gif is currently playing (like 12/40)
    -the player panel to automatically fade out if the mouse is far enough from it (and automatically fade in if the mouse moves near it)

    Still great update love the program.

  3. Nomacs installer on Windows does not show me where Nomacs is installed… I can’t fin it anywhere. Uninstalled and reinstalled, and it doesnt mention anything about install location.

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