nomacs 3.4

may we introduce nomacs 3.4 – It’s all fresh and organic. This version introduces a new batch processing UI. We have added profiles – so you can save common batch configurations (and run them from the command line).

Info for Windows users: we recommend to uninstall any prior version of nomacs and then install nomacs 3.4.

– Batch UI reworked
– Batch Profiles added
– Cropping to metadata
– RGB to Gray improved
– Crash on delete fixed
– Slow thumbnail rendering fixed
– Start-up time improved
– RAW/PSD orientation fixed

— the nomacs team


8 thoughts on “nomacs 3.4”

  1. Hi,

    I just discover Nomacs and it seems really nice.
    I downloaded the protable version (3.4.0) to try it and discovered one thing that usually make me throw away a software. But as I’m not sure if I didn’t do something wrong, I prefer to ask.
    Is it the normal behavior that rotating the image will automatically change the file on disk?

    1. yes it is on purpose (we save it to the metadata – so the image itself is actually not touched). But you can switch it off: Preferences > Advanced – Uncheck ‘Save Exif Orientation’


      1. That only has source code, not the binaries. Is there such location now, like there was with older versions on sourceforge.

    1. hi,
      this was our fault, sorry. We have updated the installer – so after re-installing nomacs will work on your system again.


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