nomacs 3.6

we had a lot of time for coding in winter – so here is a new nomacs with the beginning of spring. We manly reworked the image adjustments and added a few such as exposure correction. Here is the complete changelog:

– Image adjustments introduced
– Exposure added
– Batch
– Improved profiles
– Image adjustments added
– Settings for batch plugins
– Extended tab functions (thanks to @cornytrace)
– Settings Editor
– Icons for high DPI displays
– Crash on exit fixed for Linux with Qt 5.7.1
– Updates (Windows)
– Qt 5.5.1 -> 5.7.0
– OpenCV 3.1 -> 3.2

[EDIT] we had to draft a hotfix for translations were not loaded properly in nomacs 3.6.0. So if you already updated to 3.6 please update again to 3.6.1

10 thoughts on “nomacs 3.6”

  1. I have an issue with very sluggish thumbnails… the toolbar bar is activated and interacted with, it takes a lot just to scroll. Does anyone experience the same?

  2. Can’t find ‘Contrast’ adjustment. It was present in 3.4 version. Was that renamed to something else?

    1. Hi,
      Image Manipulations are replaced by Adjustments in nomacs 3.6. You can use Adjustments > Exposure to change the contrast now…

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