nomacs 3.8.0

nomacs 3.8.0 is out. This release mainly improves stability and features a new (msi) installer for windows.

  • New MSI installer (Windows)
  • Full PhaseOne Support (Monochrome)
  • RAW loader optimized (less RAM & speed-up)
  • RAW loading improved (pink pixels reduced)
  • ย Drag & Drop fixed (Linux)
  • Batch resize fixed
  • GPS link fixed
  • Translation downloader fixed

Please uninstall nomacs manually before installing the new version.

— the nomacs team

11 thoughts on “nomacs 3.8.0”

    1. we are really sorry for this (but we don’t have the infrastructure to test/deploy on every platform) – the code is written such that it supports mac. so please contact us if you want to become a maintainer for mac

    1. You can always use the PPAs ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I do. But even though I added the PPA, the packages were downloaded from the Ubuntu archives. I guess that’s because in Ubuntu 18.04, 3.8.0 is already available even without the PPAs.

      Checked, and yes, 3.8.0 is available by default in Ubuntu 18.04.

  1. On Fedora 26, an update brought me nomacs 3.8.0 and it is extremely slow at stepping from image to image. Extremely slow. I downgraded to 3.6.1 and behavior was restored. What’s wrong with 3.8 in Fedora 26 that causes this?

  2. Why should be the newest nomacs installed in C driver?
    I want to install it in other drivers.
    Sorry, I left it.

  3. Hi there,
    first of all congratulations on nomacs. It’s the best image viewer I know, and I’m very happy to use it. When opening nomacs, it’s somewhat sluggish on my end. Is there a way to make it open faster (e.g. disabling optional stuff) ?
    – JP

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