nomacs 3

nomacs 3.0 is out. In the past months we updated all nomacs dependencies and build systems. Along with these changes, nomacs ships with a new installer on Windows. In addition to these changes, we worked on these features:

  • New online installer  – Windowsnomacs-icon3
  • Plugins are now available on Linux
  • Full SVG support
  • Quick Launch added
  • Tiny planet option added
  • Batch processing improved
  • Signed executable – Windows only
  • Libraries updated – Qt 5.5, OpenCV 3
  • Command line arguments added
  • Zoom control improved
  • nomacs learned two new languages – Bulgarian and Ukrainian
  • new plugin: Page Extraction – detects and/or crops document pages

Like other Open Source software, we moved our download pages away from SourceForge. These are the new locations:

— the nomacs team

10 thoughts on “nomacs 3”

  1. Hi,

    is there a way to offer a offline installation? I’d like to deploy this software to different clients and don’t want to download the software each time.

      1. Hi Markus,

        and thanks for your answer.
        Is there a way to install Nomacs silent without windows apppearing during installation? (Like in the older versions of Nomacs)?

        1. hi,

          I’m sorry, but I guess this is not possible anymore. But if you run it from a cmd with elevated rights you do not need to interact with the installer.

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