Questions and Answers

What does nomacs mean?
First, when we started with the RAW support, the MacBeth color charts mostly did not have the colors expected when we loaded the images in nomacs. Second, we solely supported Windows and Ubuntu in the beginning. At this point we want to thank all the supporters who translate nomacs or build it on other OS.

Is it possible to put the thumbnails vertically at the left edge of the screen?
Yes, you can right click on the thumbnails panel and then choose e.g. ‘Show Left’. You can even undock the thumbnails if you do not like the nice overlay effect.

Is it possible to stop movies such as GIF or MNG?
Yes, you can hit pause in the toolbar player or by selecting View > Stop Movie. If you then save the image, the currently displayed frame will be written.

What is the synchronization all about?
We are involved in image processing. Hence, we often need to compare the same image after different processing stages. So we wanted something that does this job faster and easier than Photoshop. That was the initial motivation behind nomacs.

How can I support nomacs?
Your support is always appreciated. You can either support us by:

  • translating nomacs to your language
  • porting nomacs to a system not yet supported (it should compile on every system that is supported by Qt)
  • coding (bug fixes & additional features are always welcome)
  • and last but not least you can donate

How to translate nomacs?
Here is a short introduction how to translate nomacs to your language.

Does nomacs support Windows XP and/or Vista?
The answer is yes and no. So neither Windows XP nor Vista are supported in future developments since nomacs 3.0. However, nomacs 2.4.6 is a pretty stable version which you can use on these operating systems.

How to make an unattended installation of nomacs?
When using Windows you can make an unattended installation of nomacs:

nomacs-setup-x64.msi /passive

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  1. When I have nomacs on slideshow (not maximized), the zoom percentage is shown.

    So each time it goes to a new picture, it shows the zoom percentage. I don’t have nomacs maximized.

    How do we get rid of this zoom percentage that is displayed on every photo?

  2. Thanks for this. On Linux, it’s now one of my favorite lighter photo editor/viewers along with Geeqie in the debian repository and XnView appimage.

    If this had a Text tool to add copyright etc info, it would really be a go-to lightweight editor.

  3. 1. how to add stamp (image in jpg) to another image (tiff)?
    2. how to view tiff file with multiple pages in thumbnail?

  4. Hello ,
    Just by the time I got used to nomacs , I m facing a problem with not be able to delete images while i m viewing them . I m using nomacs 3.16.0 under ZORINOS 16 (ubuntu based linux). It used to be working though….
    I get the message ”sorry i could not delete ” whene i press delete

  5. I did a few more experiments to determine the cause of the slowness, and I did NOT find the cause itself. BUT, I discovered that the speed (or not) has nothing to do with sudo, but with the slowness to find the PATH : it is fast when the path is described in a terminal, but when clicked on the thumbnail of any image, it is not; and the terminal output shows that the long delay is not so much to list the contents of the folder containing the image, but to find the path of it.

    1. I was experiencing slowness with numacs. I opened a small PNG image and it was using 2+ GB of memory.
      I discovered that it was caused by a large SVG file being in the same folder as the image I was viewing. It was trying to generate a thumbnail for the panel. I moved the file into another folder and it was working fine again.

  6. Hi all,
    Brilliant software. Been using it for a while.
    Could someone tell me how to enable show Google location?

    Thank You!!

  7. Is it possible to increase the display time in slideshow mode to more than 30 seconds? I use Nomacs for drawing references.

  8. When I delete a file, Nomacs often return to the first image on the folder rather than continuing to the next one. Is there a way to fix this?

  9. I could not find a keyboard shortcut for: SHOW NEXT IMAGE, which is probably the most basic function of an image viewer. How do I do that, short of using the right/left arrowheads on your tool bar?

      1. yes, that works, what does the page down do? I’d like to see these NEXT IMAGE and other keyboard shortcuts configurable

  10. thanks for a great app! is there a way to assign more than one keyboard shortcut to the same function? (example: next image – pgdn, space)

    if this is not currently supported, please consider this an enhancement request.

    vielen dank!

  11. this is great. how can I fix a plugin menu? I can click plugin menu to call out the toolbar, but when I switch to the next image, the plugin editor tool bar will gone. thanks,

  12. This is a really great alternative to ACDsee! I just can’t find how to make only one copy of the program run, like in all other viewers.

  13. Somebody can tell me how to control colour setting !? some DNG files are wrong colours although other viewer show me corect colours !!

  14. I have noted that in Linux, nomacs tends to stay on top of all other windows while in the full-screen view. (I normally use xfce). I think this is an anomaly. I would expect that if another app gets focus, it should be possible to override the nomacs full-screen view, as is the case in Windows.

  15. I’m using Nomacs on Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome desktop. When in full screen mode, `File->Save as` opens a new window (Portal) with file dialog, which is not in focus. This is a bit cumbersome to use. Does Nomacs behave the same way on KDE desktop?

  16. I have found this beautiful app as IrfanView alternative on Linux Mint. Unfortunately, I have some problems and need help.

    First, there is 2 seconds delay while opening files, even small 100 kB photos. Second, I can not browse through photos on mounted NTFS volumes, it says I have reached the beginning/end even there are more files.

    Other photo viewers work fine but I want nomacs. :))) Thanks!

    1. Hm, I found out that all opened images get copied to the folder /run/user/1000/doc/, each image to one random subfolder. That’s why I can not browse through other images.

      I have tried to reinstall and delete previous settings, didn’t help. Then I removed flatpak version 3.16 and installed the older version 3.12 from Synaptics and works fine now. Don’t understand what’s wrong…

  17. Because of using Ubuntu LTS, I only recently switched from 3.10 to 3.12. Now when I save in jpg format, instead of getting to select a percentagy I get only four settings, best, good … quality. How can I adjust in finer steps? and what percentages do these labels result in?

  18. Hello.

    After updating my nomacs version i can’t seem to be able to get the picture to start frameless without the background becoming dark, i used to have it always start as a “clean” frameless picture in previous version and i can’t seem to remember how i did that.

    Example of how it is now automatically when i start :
    Example of how it used to start before:

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Yeah i know how to switch between the modes, my problem is despite existing in the non-fullscreen mode it always opens up in fullscreen again, it used to be the normal non-fullscreen mode when i opened a picture and then i could go fullscreen if i wanted to(not the other way around), yet now no matter what i try the default seems to be fullscreen frameless mode.

        Thanks again.

        1. if everything works properly, nomacs should remember the last state of nomacs that was closed last (so if you open only one instance, hit F11 to exit fullscreen and then close nomacs it should be remembered the next time you start). if not, you could try to open your settings file and change [AppSettings] currentAppMode=1 and appMode=1

  19. Hello.

    I just tried installing the latest version of Nomacs on Windows 10 64bit (version 1903), using command line. So basically nomacs-setup-x64.msi /passive. The files were copied over to Program Files\nomacs directory, but no Start menu icon was created and it doesn’t appear in Programs and Features either. And when I try to install again, it says that nomacs is already installed. When installing the MSI manually (double clicking), then everything works fine – start menu icon and programs and features entries are present. Is this a bug?

          1. Hey Markus, i tested the Beta installer and it opens the .cr3 files just fine but it seems that it does not generate thumbnails inside folders (windows 10). Just for your information.

  20. Great app from what I’m seeing so far.
    Small problem in the portable version of the download: how can I make it remember preferences?

  21. To the Developer,

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful program. I love it and I think it’s the best program out there to quickly open pictures and make adjustments that aren’t too heavy.

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful but is there a way to change the icon of the program – the company logo? I know this might sound like a shock but the current logo just doesn’t click with me.

    It would be nice if it was very simple so it can be recognizable at a small size and it was somehow related to image viewing. I bet you if you ask your users, someone would be more than happy to create a new one for you.

    Again, thanks for a great program. I go down on my knees to ask you to consider my proposal.

    One of Your Many Fanatic Followers

  22. Hi,
    There doesn’t seem to be a way to re-enable the “save changes” dialog, once I clicked on “remember my decision”. How can I re-enable this dialog to ask me when I exit a File if I want to save the changes or not?

    1. Is there anyway to remove the x next to the tabs? I keep accidentally closing tabs and wondering if I could make a key bind for closing. Thanks and I’ll understand if it’s not possible.

  23. I am new to nomacs, looking for a replacement as IrfanView (my previous favorite that works just on windows and I changes my scope to Linux). My first impression is: well done!
    Some ask already about the filter for rating. I would give a +1 to this.
    I also have questions or wishes:
    Does rotating (90°) works lossless?
    Can image saved after processing (crop/rotate/…) be stored with a fixed suffix to its name without confirmation to speed up that?
    Can it keep the date of file after processing?

    One hint: If I redo the processing (CTRL-Z) the star in filename (signing a modification) keeps visible. That shouldn’t be, should it?

    Would be happy about a short feedback to see that my comments has been read.

  24. I assume that the “star rating” for each image allows you quickly to go through a series of images and then rate those you’d like to work with later. If that’s the case, how do you use those ratings later? I thought that there would be a “Filter by rating” option somewhere, allowing you to order the images by rating, then by image name (for example) but I can’t see anything in the program (Linux version) that allows me to do so?

    1. Exactly what I was looking for: I like the rating feature of nomacs but when I would like to make a slideshow with only my best pictures there is no option to do so. Something like “filter by rating” or a filter by a rating column in the editor would be nice.

      1. currently, there is no filter by rating. But there is a (Windows) solution to it: you can view the star rating in the windows explorer (display Rating Column with Right Click columns). Then, sort this column and copy shortcuts with the stars needed to a new directory.

  25. I am primarily using nomacs to view downloaded multi-page tiff files.

    I would like to DISABLE going to the next file in the folder when scrolling through pages in one file. Because we’re dealing with the download folder, it dumps me into a seemingly random file, and then can be hard to find my place again.

    I did uncheck loop images, but that didn’t do the trick.

  26. Hi, first of all congratulations on this great program.

    I have a question: Every time I run Nomacs – even from a program shortcut or clicking the .exe – the program starts in picture viewing mode, meaning that when I open a directory in the Explorer Tree, it always displays the first picture in full, forcing me to press Shift+T or click Panels -> Thumbnail Preview to switch to thumbnail preview if I want to get a gallery overview of all images in the folder. Afterwards it stays this way during that instance, but when I close the program or start a new instance, it starts in “display first picture in the directory” mode by default.
    So… is it possible to configure Nomacs in Windows to automatically default to thumbnail preview mode when starting the program? This would mimic the behavior seen in some other image programs such as Xnview, FastOne Image Viewer and classic old-school versions of ACDSee. I have explored Nomacs’ settings and UI, and also the online documentation, in search of some option to enable this (such as an option to save current view settings as default, or some command line option to start in thumbnail preview mode), and couldn’t find anything. I know it’s not anything serious, but it’s still a hassle having to manually switch to thumbnail preview every time I run the program… can you help me?

    If this isn’t currently possible, then please consider this a feature request. 🙂 Shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming to implement…

    1. there is no default settings for this, but there is a command line option:
      “C:\Program Files\nomacs\bin\nomacs.exe” -d C:/temp
      you can also click the directory icon in the recent files ribbon to open a pinned/recently loaded directory in the directory mode.

  27. Hi again nomacs team;

    I think there must be an ”option” that can on/off ”player control buttons” when on fullscreen view.

    And i know ”p” key off it, but it still appears for a while.

    Thank you. (viva open source world, ciao bella turkey 🙂

  28. Se que es de mala persona hacer éste tipo de comentarios, más cuando no es uno el que suda tras un monitor y un teclado programando. Pero, he probado su aplicación, y me ha complacido a medias. La veo muy prometedora, sin embargo, e notado muchos bugs, y veo que no la han actualizado en meses. Y se me origina el interrogante de si se verán nuevas versiones o ya está discontinuado. Es que, al hecho que existamos usuarios que nos interesemos por su aplicación, y que existan errores, y que no se los solucione es una pena, llevándolos a perder usuarios. Yo por ejemplo, me dedico a reparaciones de pcs y laptops, y muchos clientes, al estar justamente desconformes con el ladrillo de visor de Microsoft Windows 10, que no lo optimizan ni por si las dudas, además de ser una UWPS ya estando muerto Windows Phone, y siendo el visor de imágenes un recuro importante para cualquier usuario de una sistema operativo basado en GUI, ellos me piden una alternativa real y eficiente, y lamentablemente siempre buscan lo gratis, el mundo es así. En lo anterior me topo con NOMACS, que tiene futuro en el mercado, pero me es difícil cambiarles un ladrillo por un montón de bichos y sufrir yo las consecuencias, espero me explique. Ojalá no los ofenda, es que realmente se ve futuro en el visor, hace recordar, en ciertos aspectos, al tan amado Piccasa, sin tantas exageraciones como aquel, y con una interfaz gráfica moderna y limpia realmente. Espero consideren mejorar porque es algo bueno lo que tienen.

  29. How can I hide the “star rating” in full screen mode? It covers part of the picture. Not really smart thing.

  30. I have a svg file with transparent background. It is intended for print, with dark text, but in Nomacs the background is shown black or very dark. I tried setting “background color” but it only changes the matte around the image not the see-through color within the image. I do not find how to change it. As it is, the image is unusable in Nomacs. EoG shows its transparency pattern (checkered different greys) otherwise I would not even know what the issue is. Inkscape shows white background.

  31. Hi

    Thanks for this great image viewer

    I have a couple of questions :
    1) On some machines the image icon isn’t displayed in the browser (whatever magnification) all we see are the green cocktail glasses. If we click on an icon then the image will be ‘resolved’ but this approach isn’t very practical. Is there another solution to speed up the display of image icons ?
    2) When we open several images at once nomacs will open them in separate windows. Is it possible for all these windows to be opened within a common main window as tabs ? The objective would be to allow scrolling through the images using the left and right arrows.


  33. Hi,

    nomacs is the world’s best image viewer of all time! However, there is a difference in the Frameless function, on Windows 10 x64, between version 3.12 and the prior versions, e.g., 3.10. When using two monitors, 3.12 asks which one to display the image on when going frameless, and when frameless, the image can’t be moved to the other monitor. Prior versions did not limit a frameless image to one monitor. Is there a setting that will make 3.12 handle frameless images like prior versions.

    Thanks again for the wonderful image viewer — nomacs!


  34. Function rotate image by whole degrees is useless. If need to aligne photo or scaned image must use tenths of degress.

  35. hi. i have had a quick look round and do apologize if its been asked before. im a old die hard and been struggling along with xp [and still are] .. and have used a older version of your program [x86] with decent results for a little while. works fine on xp .. but seeing as things are moving on ive had to get a copy of win7 and giving it a try with not much success. my problem is. with version 2.4.6 x86 installed on win7 [new ssd drive – clean instal] i have icon issues. in the Nomacs menu you can untick the associated extensions but exit and restart the program and they all become ticked again! i wouldnt ordinarily worry but it keeps messing up my icons and i have a devil of a job to work out whats what!
    is there a way to stop this happening as the program suits my way of working. its not full of bloatware and effects/editing that i dont need like so many are. its a great picture viewer.
    thanks russ

    1. Hi,
      is there a reason that you don’t update nomacs? nomacs 3.6.1 would be latest 32-bit version that supports windows 7 (see: The problem is that we cannot fix old versions (if there is an issue with file associations).
      Otherwise you have to manually delete the file associations:
      – open your registry (WIN+R type regedit)
      – open this path: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\nomacs\Image Lounge\Capabilities\FileAssociations
      – delete all entries in this folder (i.e. .jps, . jpx, …)

      I hope this helps…


  36. My question is if you can program nomacs to run and play a folder of images automatically at the beginning of the PC? this is why every time you have a power cut the PC shuts down and you have to start the playback manually …

  37. I am running nomacs version [x64] on a 64bit windows 10 computer. Animated PNG files show up as a static image, however GIF files play normally. How can I get the APNG files to become animated?

    A quick look the nomacs Roadmap and Issues log shows this issue (#729) was resolved back in version 3.6.
    Any help with this would be appreciated .

  38. Is it possible to open specific files and switch through them?
    E.g. if I have files 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg.
    With gnome’s image viewer I would commonly do “eog 1.jpg 3.jpg”, which would open up 1.jpg, and the arrow keys would let me flip back and forth between just 1.jpg and 3.jpg

  39. Hello, I noticed an issue on nomacs 3.8, linux, if I want to open a file, and I press ctrl+o, then press enter to select a file, nomacs crashes with a seg fault. This happens under gtk based environments. Should I file a bug report?

  40. Is it possible to disable logging? Every time I start the program it dumps a load of debug messages to the console:

    $ nomacs
    [INFO] Hi there
    [INFO] plugins dir set to: “/usr/lib/nomacs-plugins”
    [INFO] local client created in: 9 ms
    [INFO] CSS loaded from: “:/nomacs/stylesheet.css”
    [INFO] LAN client created in: 0 ms
    [INFO] Initialization takes: 116 ms

    1. Nomacs seems sluggish when using it in a system that runs for more than a day.
      It takes more than 30 seconds to wait for a typical .jpg photo to load in the frameless view (F10)

      Sometimes, when using Nomacs to view photos, the taskbar, open windows contents, and all its icons refreshes w/o reason, akin to when you change file association w/in windows & it refreshes all thumbnails & icons.

      (Using Windows 10 Pro x64 updated as of April 11th, 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM, (7.22 GB usable, rest is eaten up by the GPU of the AMD Trinity APU 5600K video output out a 1080p IPS panel)

  41. Hi

    When I’m using Nomacs all my laptop screen turn brightness to 100%.
    How can I prevent this?
    (Asus, Win 7)

  42. Just wondering – and I apologize if the answer is obvious – but is there an option that allows me to specify the exact percent of the image zoom? With most (almost all?) viewers, I’m able to set the zoom to a precise value, like 50% ( or 51% ). With nomacs, I seem to be fiddling with the window dimensions and zooming up and down to get a size that I want to view on my screen, and then have to repeat the process to view a second image when doing a visual comparison. Thanks! — Mark

  43. HI,

    I appear to have fallen at the first hurdle.

    I have just downloaded the 32bit version for my W7 laptop , installed it but when I try to run it a popup tell me that VCOMP140.DLL is missing and to reinstall program.

    Have tried that but to no avail.

    Help please

    1. that’s bad – do you have a x64 laptop? (if so I would recommend to download the x64 version) – I will check the 32-bit installer & fix it…

  44. excellent program, but it would be interesting if you could add a text to an image, and that it could be rotated and placed in any direction, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, as we need to insert it in the image.

  45. Thank you for a great program!
    I just have one qustion: is there any way to get the Linux version of nomacs to automatically pop up the “Open Image” dialog if there are no files or directories specified on the nomacs command line?

  46. Thank you for providing this very nice program !

    It would be very useful to be able to change DPI on the options of batch processing (for web export).
    And +1 for automatically rotate the pictures according to EXIF info.


  47. Crop is not function. I din not find how to Crop.I select and … what to do to finalize Crop ? Enter does not work.
    any help ? I use Arch Linux

          1. I am having the same issue. I crop a screen shot image, then the crop button(with the enter tool tip) appears on the tool bar at the left. When I click that or press enter, it just clears the crop box I have drawn. Could this be because I am using a buffered image?

          2. IT JUST DOESN’T WORK! People are not that stupid, you know. I have the last version of nomacs, Win7 64 and crop doesn’t work.

          3. Ok, it works when you double-click it. But pressing enter or toolbar button still doesn’t work.

  48. Thank You for providing this excellent program.
    Question – when I save an image, I am taken to the directory where the file is saved.

    I would prefer to stay in the directory I am currently at so I can continue sorting through the files. This is common behavior in most graphic viewers.

    I could not find the option to set this in the settings and am not sure where in the source the jump to “save to directory” occurs.

    I would love to see this option in Nomacs, alternatively, please advice which parameter I should look at and I can change and compile my own version. is it “DkImageContainer” file?

    1. clarification – first part of question should read
      “when I save an image, either for web or a copy to a different folder, after the save is completed, I am automatically taken to the directory where the file is saved, leaving my current directory. “

    2. Hi,

      you are right – I guess opening the saved image in a new Tab would often be preferable… For now, it’s best for you to have a look at: DkImageLoader::imageSaved() in DkImageLoader.cpp:1282 – there we update the folder…

  49. Looks like nice prog. I tried it but the thumbnails are too small so back to gThumb. max zoom (ctr + wheel) still has array 8 thumbs across. No more zoom. why the limit?

      1. which is ok when working on a single window. But for two windows it makes a reposition step necessary …

  50. I rather like this package. Thanks for the work. One problem though. I sometimes post shots in places with some very critical viewers on it and I don’t seem to be able to set the colour of the photo background. Maybe I am missing something but ideally I need to pick it from the site where the photo will be pasted.

    I’m running it under KDE5 on Linux and it is using my monitor colour profile – unlike some others.

    Only one small criticism that doesn’t matter really. If I hover over a thumbnail it takes a while for the file name to come up. My main use is to scan photo’s and then pass them on to various editors.

      1. I think it’s a pretty important feature for people who are interested in photography. Other? Look at flikr etc and their lightbox. I just wish they were all the same but they vary. If just one for quickness flikr background isn’t too bad. Another That site has some extremely proficient photographers on there.

        Funny aspect on Linux. It lacks a good photo scanning application. There are some built into the editors but they all want to catalogue them as well. I need to form my own catalogue and use several different editors and don’t want all or any of them doing this.

        On the delay before file names pop up I did write software for a living. Not PC though. I would wonder about caching them as they are loaded if memory is available. Maybe they are though. Hard to say.

  51. Hi there,

    After recent update of nomacs when I open a image in folder with raw’s (canon) it’s displayed a text “does not contain any image” I already reinstaled and the same error. It opens the image/raw, but don’t allow to see other images, I have to open then individually.

    using Windows 10.

  52. Hi,

    I just found your software. Really great software. How can I have these features:

    1. Change default font. I’m using Ubuntu GNOME and I want to have Ubuntu font as default font.
    2. Always open as Full Screen first. (now If i close at full screen mode and open it again it will be full screen but if I close in normal mode It will open in normal mode next time).
    3. ESC to close on full screen.
    4. PNG image with square transparent background.

    and where do you can I find thumbnails on Linux version.


    1. Hi,
      1. nomacs uses the default system font (or at least what Qt thinks is default). You can try forcing a font using the stylesheets: (place the file next to the nomacs executable and rename it to nomacs.css)
      2. this cannot be changed ATM
      3. ESC won’t close nomacs for you would not come back to the normal mode easily then… But you can assign a custom shortcut (e.g. Q) for closing nomacs.
      4. View -> ‘Transparency Pattern’
      5. Panels -> ‘Thumbnails’ or ‘Thumbnails Preview’


      1. #1 didn’t work for me. I changed all fonts to the Ubuntu and put `nomacs.css` file to the `/usr/bin/` folder and it didn’t change the font.

        and I have one recommendation for new version:
        please change `save dialog` to the GTK save dialog.


      2. Hi
        you wrote ESC won’t close nomacs for you would not come back to the normal mode easily then… But you can assign a custom shortcut (e.g. Q) for closing nomacs.

        How do you assign the custom shortcut for closing nomacs ?

        1. Hi Mark,

          you can change the shortcut using `Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts`. There choose `File > Exit` and double click the `shortcut edit` field.


  53. Why it keeps jumping to my primary monitor in frameless mode when I do next or preview image? I want to keep the viewer in same monitor as it would in framemode.
    Check yourself.Press F10 to go to frameless mode and hit right or left arrow, if it was in your secondary monitor the viewer will jump to primary monitor.

    Would be great to have this bug fixed. 🙂

  54. Hi,
    I can`t seem to preview layered psd files anymore, just shows white background?
    (New machine and updated version).
    Any ideas ?

    1. Good question! Same for me. Is there any way to have the preview, thimbnail or miniature of the “.psd” files?

    2. I discovered today, that if the first time u saved the file as .PSD. (look in settings ) instead of .psd u cannot view the files in nomacs , what u need to do is : uncheck , or change to save as .psd (insetead .PSD) ->open the file again, save as -> FileName.psd

  55. Hello, is there a way to hide ”player buttons” which are showing from start of full screen selection? Thank you for answer. It is excellent image viewer generally. Greetings from Turkey.

      1. Thanks for the answer, but it(play controls in full screen) appears everytime again and disappear(why?) in seconds.

        So i think it must be – on or off always – with an option, because now it is disfunctional.

        Where is the german perfection ;D danke.

  56. Hi, absolutely love nomacs!

    One thing I am finding a little tricky and couldn’t find a solution for was exact cropping size. If I want to crop a picture to a size (say 400×600), there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it, only dragging selection box back and forth to match pixels exactly.

    Anyone know the best way to deal with this? I was hoping to just type a size in boxes where the aspect ratio currently is, but it doesn’t seem possible.

  57. This app pretty supports everything I use in my workflow, especially BC3+ compression of DDS which I have had a hard time finding in this program category. However it doesn’t seem to open TGA despite that qtga.dll seems to suggest it should. Whats up with that?

    1. nomacs supports TGA but it is pretty picky – it requires the footer to be correct (contain TRUEVISION-XFILE). Hence, TGA files saved with Photoshop will be loaded.

  58. hello how do i set the thumbnail icons on windows file viewer to the actual pictures instead of the nomacs logo? it only shows the glass instead of the pics

  59. Hello, everyone
    When I edit images, nomacs add Image>Software [nomacs – Image Lounge] default, but I usualy post images as an anonyous, however the comment may be found with tracing who post it.
    At previous version, it have a hunch to turn off.
    Would please teach it’s right, or how to do them.
    Best regards, Horensor

  60. Hi. I jumped around between frameless and normal view; full screen and normal; and at the same time closing and opening software. Now I can’t open nomacs. I start it, icon appears on tray and… nothing. can’t see program window. (win 8.1, x64) re-install didn’t helped.

    Can you say me where nomacs keeps it’s config files? I want to reset my configs to default.

    1. Hi,
      the nomacs configs are in the registry:
      Win Key + R -> regedit
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\nomacs\Image Lounge
      there you can try setting AppSettings > appMode to 0x00000000

      another way to reset the nomacs is to open a CMD in the directory that contains nomacs.exe
      (default: “c:\Program Files\nomacs\nomacs-x64\nomacs.exe”)
      then type: nomacs.exe -m default


    1. Hi,
      this is basically a wrong default setting (and fixed for the upcoming release). For now you can go to Edit > Settings > Display. Then uncheck ‘Show crop rectangle’


  61. Is there an option to resize the window to the image size? I’d also prefer to be able to make this a default so that any time I open an image it will try to open the window with the same size (unless it’s bigger than maximized in which case it should be maximized and the image should resize to fit the window).

      1. Very useful. There does appear to be a slight issue with this method but I’ve found a workaround that isn’t too difficult (and that can be auto-hotkey’d).

        If you open the image and the window is smaller than the resolution of the image then pressing CTRL + 2 does not change the size of the window (it flashes and displays a % in bottom-left corner). However, if you press CTRL + 1 first (Show 100%) and then press CTRL + 2 it does what I’m looking for which is to adjust the window to the size of the 100% zoomed image.

      2. “CTRL + 2” fits window to current image size. Is there a way to do this automatically as one moves from one image to another?

  62. Hi! I’m using the latest version of Nomacs on Win7 and I can’t get it to set as the default image viewer. Am I missing a step? thnx!

  63. Hello, thank you for this program, it is really good!
    I have a question – is there some option that turn on names of file near thumbnails?
    Or how I can make File info panel bigger? font size is too small.
    Thank you for answer!

  64. I picked this up because I hate the Windows 10 image viewing program. I love it in general, but there is one huge issue – when you cycle through images, it is always in alphabetical order. So if I have a directory sorted by date I can’t go through the images in that order. It really needs to cycle through images in whatever order the directory has them sorted :/ I deal with big directories of images that I sometimes need to sort other ways.

  65. I have been using your software for quite a few months now and it has been a very useful tool for me. Unfortunately, when I recently updated to the latest version, the program stopped working. It returns a bad image error for MSVCP140.dll. I am using the x86 version, installed with the setup program, on 32-bit Windows 7. Reinstalling the software did nothing, neither did reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable.
    Is this a problem on my end?

    Another question I have is how to download and install earlier versions of nomacs. I tried downloading and extracting from the “click here for older versions” link, but only received the following error message on startup:
    “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows
    you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether
    you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then
    contact the software publisher.”
    If this stems from the software being 64-bit, is there a way to download older versions for 32-bit systems, other than building from source?

    1. Hi Jack,

      we had a problem when we packed the x86 version. The updated installer is working in my Win7 VM.
      If you want an old x86 version of nomacs, you have to go for the 2.4.6 WinXP build. We dropped all other portable x86 versions since it is a lot of additional work for us and x86 platforms are rare nowadays.
      Sorry for the inconveniences!


  66. Very good software and I’m looking forward to is development!

    By the way is, there any setting to reset position of image when browsing through images that is bigger than windows? As it is I have to manually drag my image to the top because Nomacs remember the position from previous image. And the way you can drag image until its edge reach the windows’ centre is kind of weird… (just that image viewers I used before never do it)

    The setting might already available but I just can’t find it. If that the case, sorry for bringing it up! 🙂

    1. Hi,
      In preferences display you can select how the zoom level in nomacs react when switching images. You can either select that it should keep the zoom level (perhaps you have actived it) or it should fit the window size. I hope this solves the problem you are describing, if the image is not centered then its probably a bug (we never experienced 🙂 )

  67. Is there a way to sort pictures by EXIF Metadata infos ? like Image > Date Time or Photo > Date Time Digitized and Date Time Original
    I had this option in ACDSee and it’s really useful when you shoot pictures with different cameras generating pictures with different naming format.

    Also, the batch processing does not allow to automatically rotate the pictures according to EXIF info. It would be nice so that the picture can be visualized with the right orientation with viewers that does not use EXIF info to rotate it, like Win7’s default photo viewer.


    1. I want to piggyback on this comment. I am basically trying to save my pics so that they are oriented correctly in windows with the EXIF Metadata. Hitting save for each image is a pain. Am I missing something?

        1. i kind of have the same question. If I edit 10 images and close the application, I’d like it to save all 10 of the images I just edited….instead of clicking save on each image. As an example apple preview does this. It is very handy.

        2. The link you shared doesn’t work – It would be awesome if I could “Sort by” *Date Taken – such as what the date and time is in RAW .CR2 EXIF information.
          *Or just having the list of options that are in RAW .CR2 EXIF data tags.

          + Adding this function would be the cherry on top of an already great Nomacs Image Viewer!


  68. Hi. Great image viewer, but is there a way to default the frameless view option to just one monitor. I have multiple monitor setup and when I open a picture in frameless mode it stretches through all my monitors and pictures look weird then.

  69. I installed your Dec’2015 v3 on Windows XP 32bit.
    It will now run…says not a 32 bit application???
    I could need v3 to run on XP 32bit.
    Please HELP.

    January 4, 2016

    1. hi,

      nomacs interpolates borders until it reaches 200% zoom, then the pixels are visualized. If you don’t like this behavior you can change it in Edit > Settings > Display > Stop interpolating at – set this value to e.g. 100% and nomacs will not interpolate anymore…

  70. Am I missing something or is there not an “Undo/Redo” feature? Otherwise…great stuff, thanks!
    …not usable without undo though 🙁

  71. This is by far the most beautiful piece of software I have seen in many year and I really cant complain about anything your team is doing, but I was wondering if you think it would be possible to add Webm support as some people have started using it as a replacement for Gif files.

  72. I posted this at the contact section before, I posted at the wrong place 🙁


    Hi, I’m trying to use nomacs to read comic, turned out it can’t replace my image viewer yet.

    1. Can you make so the arrows are only used for navigating an image?

    2. Can you add the status bar property: current image/total image? (example: 4/22 means current image is number 4 of total 22 images) and current zoom level would be nice.

    3. Can you add faster/bigger zoom level? For now it’s 66%, 72%, 80%, 88%; it’s I need to zoom 4 times in order to reach the size I want.

    Would be great if you can add those requests, thanks 🙂

  73. Hi,
    great prog, just deinstalled eog on
    Ubuntu 14.04. A “defocused framless-mode”
    ( no player ) would be nice. Some eye candy
    on desktop won’t hurt 😉

    1. Hi,
      thanks … what do you mean with a “defocused frameless-mode” ? (player can be hided using the panels menu)


      1. Well, e.g. clicking on an animated GIF ( transparent background ) and placing it on the desktop works like a charm. Only thing is that nomacs doesn’t loose the focus. So the whole desktop is “occupied”. By clicking somewhere it either starts dragging the image or opens the player in fullscreen window. If there would be an option in the context menu to stop that behavior, let’s say “sticky”, then nomacs could show animated images like screenlets in a comfortable way. Multiple instances seem to be no problem, so imho this could be a nice additional feature.

        1. In general, the frameless mode receives mouse events only at locations where the image’s alpha value is > 0 (I know there are issues with some linux window managers which we cannot fix).
          If this is not working for you, you could lock nomacs: View > Lock Window. After you do so, nomacs is transparent to all mouse events (This feature is intended for watermarks if you e.g. record a screen video).


          1. Hi, this does not work any more, or at least I do not have Lock option in my case. Is it removed in version 3.?

  74. Love your software! Only I have a few issues:

    I would like to view ico files like how they are done in Windows Photo Viewer, instead of the default zooming feature (i.e. the ico file may have different images for each resolution). Also, setting nomacs to the default viewer of ico files has the undesired effect of replacing the (custom) ico thumbnail with the generic nomacs thumbnail (at the detail view)..

    Speaking of which, can there be different nomacs ico thumbnails specific for each image type?

    Also, how do I disable previewing of images in the zip archive when I browse its parent directory?

    1. hi,

      currently nomacs displays only the largest sub-image of an ico file. the ‘default viewer’ for ico files is windows behavior (we would not do this). I think it’s best to open Edit > Settings > File Filters and check ‘browse’ and uncheck ‘register’ for ico files.
      different icons for image types is planned for nomacs 3.0 – so you have to wait a bit sorry.
      @zip archives: Edit > Settings > File Filters uncheck ‘browse’


  75. How can i set nomacs to be default viewer in windows 7? i can see file association but if i click on picture in windows explrer or similar… file opens in my editor which is Zoner, i want nomacs as a viewer to be default. and one more thing, is it possible to be opened in full screen mode if i open picture bu clicking in windows explorer?

    1. hi,

      you can right-click an image file in image explorer -> Open With and choose nomacs there. remember to check the ”Remember my Choice”. Another option is to open nomacs Edit > Settings > File Filters and check the register checkboxes there.


  76. Well, this is a really nice viewer! More robust batch conversion (see Irfan view 😀 ) would be a nice addition 🙂

    1. hi emi,

      thanks for the comment. We just worked on the batch processing which get’s a few new features for the next stable release… Is it crashing on your system?

      – markus

      1. No, works fine, i meant more features, but looks like you have that covered. Another great feature would be to force one instance only, that way when opening images from file explorer they’re loaded in already open Nomacs.

  77. Using Nomacs 2.2 on Debian Linux. Using Photoshop with Wine. Needs to use “Open with” option to open image files directly in Photoshop. It works fine with native Linux editors, but for running-with-Wine app it gives “Sorry, I could not start: “/patch to .exe file”
    Need solution.

    1. hi
      I’m not entirely sure if it is working, but the easiest way would be to write a simple bash script which opens photoshop in wine. Just create a file somewhere with the content
      wine [pathtophotoshop.exe] $1

      mark it as executeable and add it to the “open with” dialog. I’m not able to test this, but i think it should work

      1. Thanks, but it works only partially. Starts Photoshop ok with script file in “Open with” menu, but don’t opens selected image.

        1. Hi,

          after searching i found out that one need to change the path to the file for wine. Since i do not use wine I’m not entirely sure how to change it, but i’m sure you will find a small bash script in the internet which does this conversion.


      2. Is there a way to show the menu bar after it was hidden accidentally? I can not find setting or Contxt menu action in the Linux build.

          1. Ahhh, thanks a lot. That helped! What a relief 🙂
            Is this a Linux standard or something I should know about?

  78. If I start Nomacs by clicking on an arbitary file in windows explorer, to see other files in that directory I click next next … at some point I “reach the end” and to see undisplayed files in that directory I have to click previous a scrillion times. Is it possible to wrap from last files to next file.

    Rgds George

    1. hi george,

      you can change this behavior in settings: Edit > Settings > (Advanced) File Info > check “Loop Images”. Moreover, you can always jump to the first/last image of a folder using the Home/End keys.


  79. Hi, nice work!

    I have folders with pictures in different orientations and when I flip through them, I always have to reset the display size to 100% and select ‘fit window’ if the image format changes from landscape to portrait (or vice versa).

    It would be nice to have an option to set the display size to a fixed value (like 100%) and always fit the window dynamically when displaying a new image.

    Regards, stephan

    1. hi stephan,

      if you want nomacs to keep the zoom level, you can set this in Edit > Settings > (Check Advanced) > Display. There you have three options:
      – Always keep zoom (that’s probably what you want)
      – Keep zoom if equal size
      – Never keep zoom
      Fitting the window (CTRL+2) automatically is currently not supported. Maybe, the frameless view would be an option for you? (View > Frameless (F10)).


      1. Thanks for the hints. It’s much better now.

        I’ve added a feature request regarding the function of the F11-key.

  80. Very promising piece of software you got there. This might replace Picasa for me. Trying it under Windows and Ubuntu at the moment and would like to see it remember the screen layout (toolbar/palette visibility) and open in the folder location it was last run with.
    Also helpful would be the ability to import Picasa’s ‘star’ ratings and image crop settings.


    1. hi thomas,

      thanks for the reply. nomacs does remember toolbar visibility/position and other elements such as the thumbnail preview, window position etc. (if this does not apply for your setup, you could write a bug report)
      the import of picasa settings will not be supported within the next releases since picasa saves star rating etc. to text files in your user folder (e.g. C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Picasa2\db3\starlist.txt) instead of writing them to the image metadata.


  81. When Using version 1.6.4 on Xubuntu 14.04 there are a few issues. If I am in frameless there is a semi-transparent border around the photo. Can this be removed? Also when in frameless, with the image set to fit the window, it looks like a fully transparent border takes up the whole screen. If I have the image open in a file manager and see another image thumbnail beside it, or something else I should be able to click on, I cannot click on it unless I manually switch to the file manager. Is there some way to limit the transparent window to the size of the image, so I can click on something in the area outside of the image? Is there a way to add “close image” to the right-click menu of a frameless image?

    Thanks for all of your hard work. You have made an excellent image viewer, I am just trying to get the experience closer to the one a user had using Irfanview on their Windows system.

    1. Hi,
      you can disable the border in the frameless mode in the settings. Display -> Show Border
      The frameless mode should allow clicking outside the image, so this is a bug. Adding close image to the right click menu in frameless mode is a good idea.

    1. Hi Francesco,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, you cannot filter images with respect to exif data yet (there are still Performance issues)


  82. I really love nomacs. But the smoothing algorithm it uses for image viewing still leaves a lot to be desired. Could you let it use lanczos or bicubic etc. ?

    1. hi john,
      nomacs uses by default bi-linear rendering. Does the image change if you toggle View > Anti-Aliasing on? In that case a pixel area relation algorithm is applied which – in my point of view – is better than lanczos or bicubic (it’s the Area option in the resize dialog).

  83. Hi,

    is there a way to migrate from picasa to nomac without the loss of the person identification and Albums ?

    Best regards.

    1. Hi Richard,

      unfortunately, you can neither import the albums nor the person identification. both functionalities are not planned for future releases as nomacs is designed as image viewer (without a database etc).

      regards markus

  84. hi,
    you can specify the image path in the first argument. so the command in the windows cmd would be something like:
    >> “C:\Program Files (x86)\nomacs\nomacs.exe” D:\img\an_img.png
    and in a linux console:
    >> nomacs ~/img/an_img.png

    regards markus

  85. Is it possible to execute nomacs from the command prompt along with an image file and have it loaded with nomacs? I am trying to use it with a libreoffice base macro to view picture files from a database.

  86. hi felix,

    if you are running windows, nomacs cannot remember window positions if they are snapped or maximized since this is some hybrid window state (note that microsoft software such as the windows explorer does not remember this state either). However, you could resize the window such that it fits your screen (without maximizing) or you could quit nomacs in the fullscreen mode (CTRL+L or F11) which is also remembered.

  87. How can I made nomacs remember window size next time I open it ? I would like to start it maximized but always starts with a small window.

  88. hi,

    thanks for your comment. here is a short guide how to translate nomacs: (I will add it to the Q&A)
    you can associate file extensions during installation. adding the extensions later is not supported yet. so you have set nomacs as ‘default program’ using windows. (or you could run the installer again – this won’t affect your customized settings)


  89. Hi, your software is not fully translated to Protuguese-PT. How can I do the rest?
    Also, is there a wya to use it as Windows default viewer?

  90. which os are you using? webP is currently only supported on windows (we plan to support it on linux in the next release)

  91. On the features page of your website, it says that nomacs can read+write webp format. After installing i realized that it can neither save nor open webp images. Please fix this or i’ll laugh at you, a lot. -John

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