Bug #442

Cannot view multi-page TIFF in thumbnails

Added by Anonymous over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:31.03.2015
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Target version:3.1
Version: Operating System:Windows 7/8 64bit


Just see icon for multi-page TIFF. When I select the file, opens up first page only--unlike Irfanview, which shows complete image. Any way to correct this?

nomacs.exe (309 KB) Anonymous, 31.03.2015 18:36

multipage-tif-nomacs.png (10.6 KB) Preview Markus, 01.04.2015 09:15

multipage-tif-irfan.png (20.8 KB) Preview Markus, 01.04.2015 09:15



#1 Updated by Charles over 4 years ago

Really like this viewer program. I like to add notes about how I process the files, and you have made it very easy to do so. Just need to have the ability to view TIFF files when browsing folders. I also notice the PNG files only appear as icons. Any way to enable thumbnail instead?

#2 Updated by Charles over 4 years ago

Discovered that problem goes away if I save TIFF files in external editor with no compression. Will have to live with larger file sizes, I guess.

#3 Updated by Markus over 4 years ago


sorry, but I don't fully understand your request. Considering multi page tif images, nomacs & irfan view will initially show you the first page and how many pages there are (I have marked this in the attached images). With nomacs you can then watch tifs page by page using the arrow keys (or the arrows in the toolbar).
could you please send us a screenshot of the png icons?


#4 Updated by Markus over 3 years ago

  • Target version set to 3.1

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