Bug #468

Trying to open *.zip and *.docx with unchecked these file types in config (linux)

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Status:ClosedStart date:29.04.2015
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Target version:2.4.6
Version: Operating System:Linux 64bit


I have 3 files in folder: test1.jpg, test2.jpg and test.docx.
1. I open test1.jpg, and press right keyboard key => test2.jpg shows.
2. After second press right key, this message shows:
"test.docx does not contain any image"
3. After that I can't walk thought the folder to test2.jpg or test1.jpg.(another bug?)

[user@host ~]$ uname -a
Linux host 3.19.3-3-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr 8 14:10:00 CEST 2015 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[user@host ~]$ yaourt -Qs nomacs
community/nomacs 2.4.4-1
    A Qt image viewer
[user@host ~]$ cat ~/.config/nomacs/Image\ Lounge.conf 
browseFilters=*.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tif, *.tiff, *.bmp, *.ppm, *.xbm, *.xpm, *.webp, *.gif, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.ico, *.mng, *.nef, *.crw, *.cr2, *.arw, *.dng, *.raw, *.rw2, *.mrw, *.srw, *.orf, *.3fr, *.x3f, *.mos, *.pef, *.iiq, *.jps, *.pns, *.mpo, *.psd, *.psb, *.svg, *.svgz
registerFilters=PNG (*.png), JPEG (*.jpg *.jpeg), TIFF (*.tif *.tiff), Windows Bitmap (*.bmp), Portable Pixmap (*.ppm), X11 Bitmap (*.xbm), X11 Pixmap (*.xpm), WebP (*.webp), Graphic Interchange Format (*.gif), Portable Bitmap (*.pbm), Portable Graymap (*.pgm), Multi-Image Network Graphics (*.mng), Nikon Raw (*.nef), Canon Raw (*.crw *.cr2), Sony Raw (*.arw), Digital Negativ (*.dng), Panasonic Raw (*.raw *.rw2), Minolta Raw (*.mrw), Samsung Raw (*.srw), Olympus Raw (*.orf), Hasselblad Raw (*.3fr), Sigma Raw (*.x3f), Leaf Raw (*.mos), Pentax Raw (*.pef), Phase One (*.iiq), JPEG Stereo (*.jps), PNG Stereo (*.pns), Multi Picture Object (*.mpo), Adobe Photoshop (*.psd), Large Document Format (*.psb), Image Format (*.svg), Image Format (*.svgz)

Sorry for my English ^^


#1 Updated by Luna about 4 years ago

I'm seeing this bug too on Nomacs 2.4.5 @ https://github.com/nomacs/nomacs

Linux Slackware 14.1 , 64-bit.

When the directory contains a .zip (does NOT happen with tar.gz) navigation becomes trapped at a single image type or even a single image (image prior in alphabetical listing). Nomacs does try to navigate into the .zip (viewing any images inside if any; stuck if not), even with "Scan Folder Recursive" turned OFF, even with Settings->File Filters->.zip format completely disabled/unchecked.

All extensions, other than those selected in File Filters, should be be excluded completely, but it's not happening.

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that was a stupid bug... (fixed)

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