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Titlebar in frameless mode

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Target version:3.1
Version: Operating System:Windows 7/8/10 64bit


Is there a way to keep the title bar enabled in frameless mode?
And at the same time keep the mouse in the original mode (not the "grab-hand") so that gestures can be done in frameless mode as well and the titlebar can be used to move the image around if needed.

I read that there is a qss file that can be edited, so I wanted to check if I could do this on my own, but the the installation folder has no editable file (all dlls). I couldn't find a way to enable titlebars, keep gestures in frameless mode, that's why titlebars would be a big help, but only if I can at the same time also enable the gestures and stay in frameless mode.


img-2016-01-29 13.30.02.png - nomacs - titlebar only (1.04 MB) Preview Markus, 29.01.2016 13:30



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I don't fully understand why one would want a titlebar in the frameless mode. you can use the normal mode and hide toolbar & menu - this is basically a titlebar with an image (see attached screenshot)...
the qss is only available in the portable version (http://download.nomacs.org/portable/).

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