Bug #611

frameless mode always on display #1 ?

Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago.

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Version: [x64] Operating System:Windows 7/8/10 64bit



just began using nomacs and love it

I'm finding that using frameless mode, on a machine with multiple displays, always moves the app to whichever display is identified as #1 by windows - regardless of where the app was when F10 was pressed.

i.e. I have 3 displays, #1 is left, #2 is center, #3 is right. I run most apps in #2 (center) which is set to "make this my main display" in Windows (7 x64 in this case). When I run nomacs with frameless off, it always opens in the last-used display (usually #2) but if I hit F10 to go frameless, it always moves to display #1.

If I drag it to #2 while it's frameless, loading the next picture in the folder results in the frameless moving back to display #1, each time I advance pictures, over and over.

I would love frameless to stay on whatever display the normal view/window is on when F10 is pressed.

thanks for the great app

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