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Plugins Linux still not showing

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Hi Stefan,

don't know how to answer your request in my last ticket. So i made a new one, sorry.

The plugins were build and installed, make-install says for each plugin:

Installing: /usr/local/lib/nomacs-plugins/
-- Removed runtime path from "/usr/local/lib/nomacs-plugins/"

But still nothing shows up under the plugin manager.
It looks like the path is wrong,isn't it?
Where is nomacs searching for the

Thanks for your help


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yes, the search path for the plugins was wrong. I did not check the "make install" version of nomacs. With the new commit it should be able to find the plugins (now searching in [binarypath]/plugins for execution in the build directory, and [binarypath]/../lib/nomacs-plugins for make install and package). Additionally you have to execute once "ldconfig" (with root privileges) after "make install", this step cannot be easily automated


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