Bug #750

Transparent Border Around Window

Added by Anonymous over 2 years ago.

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In Windows 10, when images are synchronized and then rearranged (Ctrl+A, Alt+A) there is a transparent border around all the images' windows (except on top). The border seems to be what could be called the original window border for any window in the Windows OS, since in Windows 10 they removed that border to add more space for the on screen stuff and replaced it with a 1 pixel border. Nomacs, in this mode, looks like as if calculated some sort of space to put between the windows due to this, or maybe just takes a value from the system and uses it to calculate how the window border should be drawn. The thing is that in W10, it looks weird. It not a super duper mega boomer thing to report, but.. I just thought to.

Note: Version is the latest that can be downloaded right now, am I wrong?

test.png - Just a screenshot of the description (2.25 MB) Preview Anonymous, 29.10.2016 22:50


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