Bug #785

High CPU and Window Frozen

Added by Anonymous over 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:18.02.2017
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Version: x64 Operating System:Windows 7/8/10 64bit


Have nomacs open a directory of images (in my case, ~ten thousand).
Save images to the same directory, and it'll hang and CPU usage will spike for a minute or more.
This will repeat/continue for each image saved.

In my case nomacs is in Windowed Mode, not full screen. Sort for the images is set to Random.

I have had this happen on several computers ranging from i7 to C2D, SSD, Mechanical and USB drives, 16GB-4GB RAM.

If I had to venture a guess it would be trying to add the new image into the random order for the images in that directory, but if this is the case it takes longer to add each image, than it does opening the directory from scratch. Few seconds I can understand, but even on a SSD and i7 this can hang it up for around a minute for each image I save.

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