From 04.06.2013 to 03.07.2013


23:22 Feature #242 (Duplicate): File association
I really like your viewer.
I think he really lacks an important option.
a portable version need the file association.
16:43 Feature #205: Option to not rotate according to exif metadata
change settings in: Settings > (Advanced) Exif > Ignore Exif orientation Markus
16:41 Bug #235: Save Dialogue issue
we can't select the quality box by default - as we would loose the (more important) accept on enter behavior Markus
15:40 Feature #236: Add ability to set default JPG image quality setting.
compression quality is now saved by default Markus
08:40 Bug #175: thumbnails (T) generator seems unresponsive
indexing is now threaded -> thumb widget is shown, then dummies & thumbs are loaded Markus
08:19 Feature #238: Scanning
this will take longer -> there is no OS independent driver utility and TWAIN (for windows) seems to be pretty outdate... Markus
08:18 Feature #218: Open in Fullscreen mode
now nomacs remembers if it was in fullscreen last time... if so it starts in fullscreen mode Markus
08:16 Feature #241 (Closed): Crop Tools
create an extended crop tool (screenshot)


12:18 Feature #239 (Duplicate): Feature
12:16 Feature #240 (Closed): export multi-page tiff
something like we have in the screenshot : ) Markus
11:49 Feature #232: explorer panel
something like this? : ) Markus


08:18 Bug #237: Another Image resize dialogue issue
thanks for reporting
I have now fixed all dialog enter/esc issues -> there was an error with the buttons parents


17:11 Feature #239 (Duplicate): Feature
I like this software.. i request you to add default full screen opening feature. Anonymous
08:13 Feature #238 (Rejected): Scanning
Ability of getting image from scanner. Anonymous


23:24 Bug #237 (Closed): Another Image resize dialogue issue
The ENTER key does not function correctly in the "Image Resize" dialogue. Using the ENTER key causes the changed siz... Anonymous
17:25 Feature #236 (Closed): Add ability to set default JPG image quality setting.
Instead of having an arbitray set value of "80" for saving JPGs, why not allow the user to set a default value of the... Anonymous
17:15 Bug #235 (Closed): Save Dialogue issue
When saving a JPG file, the "Image Quality" box is not enabled and must be clicked in to activate. Expected behaviou... Anonymous


10:02 Feature #234: extend open with
+ add it to the 'shortcuts' entries so that users can associate custom shortcuts with their preferred open with apps Markus
10:01 Feature #234 (Closed): extend open with
so that user can add as many custom slots as he wants Markus
09:58 Plugin #233 (Closed): share with (facebook twitter ...)
does anyone want to write a plugin for that... Markus
09:57 Feature #232 (Closed): explorer panel
(in the viewport) Markus
09:55 Feature #231 (Closed): settings -> associate file extensions
from within nomacs (e.g. settings) Markus
09:51 Feature #230 (Closed): multi layer tiff
support for multilayer tiff Markus
09:50 Feature #215 (Closed): Version number in filenames for (some) Windows downloads
09:49 Bug #204 (Closed): LAN sync: server can not send images, zoom a.s.o when it is not enabled in pre...
09:48 Bug #213 (Closed): nomacs crash after QAction sequence (linux)
09:48 Bug #216 (Closed): Reload [F5] does not update previous/next list
09:47 Bug #210 (Closed): version 1.0.2 don't work on Windows
09:46 Bug #228: Wrong language: als
that's correct. als is a german dialect (vorarlbergerisch). hence it should be considered as a 'fun' translation. th... Markus
08:03 Bug #229: Image resize window issues
thanks for reporting
duplicate of #224, which has been fixed meanwhile


21:23 Bug #229 (Closed): Image resize window issues
In the latest version of nomacs for Linux, the image resize window fails to have the "Width" box enabled when opening... Anonymous


09:11 Bug #228 (Closed): Wrong language: als
nomacs_als.ts - there is no "als" +language+ code in ISO-639-1. Anonymous


15:20 Bug #224 (Closed): Image Resize dialogue does not have the "Width" box enabled or default values ...
Applied in changeset commit:696f56b1d9344f70e91338c181db0595cb7f30cc. Stefan
15:11 Bug #224 (In Progress): Image Resize dialogue does not have the "Width" box enabled or default va...
thx for reporting
-> fixed
15:20 Bug #225 (Closed): Bug in resizing window
Applied in changeset commit:696f56b1d9344f70e91338c181db0595cb7f30cc. Stefan
12:36 Bug #225: Bug in resizing window
at least the focus should be fixed Stefan
05:46 Bug #225 (Closed): Bug in resizing window
The image resize window has a bug where the Width box is not active by default. The Width box should be active and t... Anonymous
12:36 Bug #227 (Closed): sync entries in menu are not enabled on new connection if gradient tool is ena...
already fixed Anonymous
10:23 Bug #226 (In Progress): Some cosmetic bugs
ok, and now the rest is fixed Stefan
08:34 Bug #226: Some cosmetic bugs
thanks for reporting
fixed 1), 4), 5), 6), 7)
that were the easy ones :)
07:02 Bug #226 (Closed): Some cosmetic bugs
1) No text for translate.
2) Very small field.
3) Small buttom.
4) No text for translate.
5,6) Unnecessary square...


01:51 Bug #224 (Closed): Image Resize dialogue does not have the "Width" box enabled or default values ...
When attempting to resize an image, the resize dialogue does not have the Width (or height) box enabled by default. ... Anonymous
16:42 Feature #120 (Closed): resize gradient
16:15 Feature #219 (Closed): Let user add new image formats
16:15 Bug #203 (Closed): cacher size
16:15 Feature #211 (Closed): Changing key commands
16:15 Feature #195 (Closed): Make Nomacs understand RAW+Jpeg folders
16:15 Bug #201 (Closed): thumb perview is moving
16:15 Feature #194 (Closed): Make raw-convertation optional
16:15 Feature #186 (Closed): transparent background
16:14 Feature #220 (Closed): jpeg2000 format
16:14 Bug #222 (Closed): Blur


09:50 Feature #223 (Closed): new translations (italien, slovenian, czech, serbian), updated spanish

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