From 15.05.2015 to 13.06.2015


13:59 Bug #482 (Closed): Update checker
Hi, it seems there's some problem with the update checker tool (? > Check updates). The info dialog windows is freezi... Anonymous
13:51 Bug #481: some items can not be translated
Installer R3gi
07:57 Bug #481 (Closed): some items can not be translated
? -> Update Translation -> Downloading new translations…
Plugins -> Plugin Manager
Tools -> Batch Processing


00:14 Feature #480: Delete to recycle bin
With many file managers on Linux (I use Rox Filer), I have the "Send To" functionality, so I'm able to send files or ... Luna
09:31 Feature #480: Delete to recycle bin
sorry if you lost images... we already checked deleting to the recycle bin - the problem: there is no OS independent ... Markus
09:39 Feature #474 (Accepted): Option to auto "zoom to fit" on frameless mode
09:38 Feature #477 (Accepted): Image Organizer and Move Option
yes, I had this problem too - currently I prefer to organize images by dragging them to the file explorer. But it wou... Markus
09:34 Feature #478: grab hand in frameless mode
currently not... we'll change that Markus
09:34 Feature #479 (Accepted): Left Click Zoom
we can think about that (users would have the option to either use gestures or the zoom function)


00:30 Feature #480 (Closed): Delete to recycle bin
Haven't found the option to delete files to recycle bin instead of complete elimination.
Found no bug or feature req...


18:20 Bug #473: Segfault on Linux, nomacs v. 2.4.4
note for me: there is an image container that fires after loading the image though the image loader itself is deleted... Markus
17:41 Bug #471: Nomacs no carga fotografias
please report bugs in english - even with google translate I don't understand what it is about Markus


18:45 Feature #479 (Accepted): Left Click Zoom
I'd like a feature where if you hold your left mouse button the image will be zoomed in untill you release the left m... Anonymous


19:21 Feature #477: Image Organizer and Move Option
Yeah, this would be useful. A sort of "Send To" functionality to different bookmarked directories shown in a side-bar. Luna
19:14 Bug #468: Trying to open *.zip and *.docx with unchecked these file types in config (linux)
I'm seeing this bug too on Nomacs 2.4.5 @
Linux Slackware 14.1 , 64-bit.
When ...


17:02 Feature #478 (Closed): grab hand in frameless mode
Hi --
Thanks for this outstanding program!
I'd like to use the frameless mode for presentations but my cursor (...


20:53 Feature #477 (Accepted): Image Organizer and Move Option
I suppose this can go into plugins, but until plugins arrive on Linux and there's some documentation on how to make p... Anonymous

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