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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Updated Target version % Done
780FeatureNewNormalBetter basic metadata summaryNeil10.02.2017 11:45

779BugNewNormalLens information missingNeil10.02.2017 11:37

778BugNewNormalError rendering text in SVG files.Anonymous06.04.2017 23:033.4.2

777FeatureNewNormalOpen selection in single instanceAnonymous03.04.2017 16:42

776BugNewNormalpanels Anonymous19.01.2017 08:51

775BugNewNormalScanning network localisationsAnonymous16.01.2017 16:58

773SupportNewNormalNo files displayed in FileExplorer panelAnonymous11.01.2017 23:44

771SupportNewNormalPurple highlight on RAWAnonymous28.03.2017 13:41

770BugNewNormalWon't load some uncompressed tga filesAnonymous12.01.2017 23:56

768FeatureNewNormalalways on topAnonymous12.01.2017 13:38

767FeatureNewNormalSupport viewing of images containing data (not neccessary RGB) values.Christian22.12.2016 17:53

766FeatureNewNormalShow statistics on histogram panelChristian07.12.2016 11:53

765SupportNewNormalHow to specify proxy in unattended install scriptAnonymous28.03.2017 13:39

762FeatureNewNormalRecent file list in frameless modeAnonymous30.11.2016 04:14

758FeatureNewNormalWin 32-bit portableAnonymous21.11.2016 16:22

756BugNewNormalBrowsing order is always alphabeticalAnonymous08.11.2016 14:57

754FeatureAcceptedNormalOptions to adjust the sidebar size of Thumbnails and Metadata PanelsAnonymous21.11.2016 16:28

752BugNewNormalif opening a seleciton of images within a folder (i.e. 2 non-adjacent files), nomacs ignores this custom selectionAnonymous04.11.2016 18:09

750BugNewNormalTransparent Border Around WindowAnonymous29.10.2016 22:52

749SupportNewNormalUnattended Install - Deselect defaultAnonymous25.10.2016 19:203.4.2

747FeatureNewNormalremember different folders for save as and openAnonymous17.10.2016 15:39

746BugNewNormalWrong text formatting in the Pong game easter eggR3gi06.10.2016 18:28

743BugNewNormalPrinting multipage tiffAnonymous29.09.2016 14:33

742FeatureNewNormalHave option to open images at 100% zoomAnonymous28.09.2016 17:10

741FeatureNewNormalCenter image on next/prevAnonymous28.09.2016 17:00

735BugNewNormalnomacs crashes when rotating huge images on 32-bit WindowsL02.09.2016 21:19

734BugNewNormalProcess bad/missing extensions properlyPsycho_zs01.09.2016 16:28

731FeatureNewNormalToggle between "show at 100%" and "fit into window" by middle mouse buttonAnonymous22.08.2016 13:29

730BugNewNormalDuplicate keyboard shortcutPriv20.08.2016 20:18

728FeatureNewNormalMake scrolling/panning behaviour customizableAnonymous16.08.2016 17:49

726FeatureNewNormalDDS formatAnonymous09.08.2016 15:01

725BugNewNormalNo uninstall in Windows 10Anonymous03.08.2016 23:52

724FeatureNewNormalRearrange Photos and rename with new orderAnonymous03.08.2016 08:56

722BugNewNormalProgramma großen TIF-DateienAnonymous27.09.2016 13:323.4.2

721FeatureNewNormalUpdate notification window - View change log.Anonymous27.07.2016 11:11

720BugNewNormalFile Association not workingAnonymous25.07.2016 17:11

717FeatureNewNormalAsk before modifying filesAnonymous01.05.2017 19:06

715SupportNewNormalunattended Installtation nomacs app run checkboxAnonymous28.03.2017 13:393.2.2

712BugAcceptedLowWrong path delimiter on WinAnonymous16.08.2016 23:013.2.2

709FeatureNewLowHide mouse cursor in fullscreen modekutu06.07.2016 10:213.2.2

706BugNewNormalNomacs latest version does not display "next" image correctly when using either button bar or arrow keys.Prodigal17.08.2016 00:47

704SupportNewNormalIssue with themeing under Xenial; a Solution to QT5 themeing issues in xenial ... and a report that Nomacs is still insists in KDE dialogs even under GTK. Anonymous29.06.2016 09:52

701BugNewNormalHigh-resolution GIF files not being played correctlyAnonymous27.06.2016 13:19

699FeatureNewNormalSave as PDFAnonymous17.06.2016 13:56

695FeatureNewNormalMulti Monitor SupportAnonymous25.05.2016 06:24

692FeatureNewNormal Make it easy to copy version numberNeil23.05.2016 11:45

690BugNewNormalRotation is not respected when viewing RAW filesNeil13.07.2016 16:11

687SupportIn ProgressNormalArrange Instances, they don't cover up my entire screenAnonymous23.05.2016 11:443.2.2

685FeatureNewNormalColor managementAnonymous20.05.2016 06:213.2.2

683BugNewNormalNomacs does not "always keep zoom" on new imagessas13.07.2016 16:10

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