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758FeatureNewNormalWin 32-bit portableAnonymous21.11.2016 16:22

754FeatureAcceptedNormalOptions to adjust the sidebar size of Thumbnails and Metadata PanelsAnonymous21.11.2016 16:28

609FeatureFeedbackNormalTitlebar in frameless modeAnonymous29.01.2016 13:323.1

565FeatureNewNormalto make a perfect image...Anonymous17.12.2015 10:233.1

556FeatureNewNormalCommandLine OptionAnonymous17.12.2015 10:393.1

374FeatureAcceptedNormalProposal: Keep cropping rectangle within imageNiels17.12.2015 10:393.1

808FeatureFeedbackNormalImage TaggingAnonymous14.08.2017 15:25

800FeatureNewNormalNavigate the image using the up and down arrowsAnonymous29.05.2017 10:03

797FeatureNewNormalResize by percentageAnonymous04.05.2017 09:053.6.1

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