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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Updated Target version % Done
798SupportNewNormalLatest versionAnonymous29.08.2017 21:12

773SupportNewNormalNo files displayed in FileExplorer panelAnonymous11.01.2017 23:44

771SupportNewNormalPurple highlight on RAWAnonymous28.03.2017 13:41

765SupportNewNormalHow to specify proxy in unattended install scriptAnonymous28.03.2017 13:39

749SupportNewNormalUnattended Install - Deselect defaultAnonymous25.10.2016 19:203.4.2

715SupportNewNormalunattended Installtation nomacs app run checkboxAnonymous28.03.2017 13:393.2.2

704SupportNewNormalIssue with themeing under Xenial; a Solution to QT5 themeing issues in xenial ... and a report that Nomacs is still insists in KDE dialogs even under GTK. Anonymous29.06.2016 09:52

687SupportIn ProgressNormalArrange Instances, they don't cover up my entire screenAnonymous23.05.2016 11:443.2.2

663SupportFeedbackNormalAssign multiple shortcuts for a single actioncryzed27.04.2016 15:013.0

662SupportNewNormalFeature request to turn off the dark transparent overlay at the bottom over images.Anonymous28.03.2017 13:38

630SupportNewNormalPlugins Linux still not showingAnonymous03.03.2016 11:02

629SupportNewNormalPlugins LinuxAnonymous02.03.2016 08:09

569SupportNewNormalInstaller not startingИван18.12.2015 11:16

300SupportNewNormalupdate the osx buildAnonymous08.11.2015 20:05

250SupportNewNormaldocumentation - cropMarkus11.07.2013 13:24

249SupportNewNormaldocumentation - find/filterMarkus11.07.2013 13:24

248SupportNewNormaldocumentation - lan - whitelistMarkus11.07.2013 13:22

247SupportNewNormaldocumentation - copy&paste/screenshot - autosaveMarkus11.07.2013 13:22

246SupportNewNormaldocumentation - watermarkingMarkus11.07.2013 13:21


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