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08:59 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #837: Endlosschleife mit vielen Bildern
das Bug ist bei uns nicht reproduzierbar. Könnten wir ein Logfile haben? (Settings > Advanced > Use Log File)....
08:56 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #834 (Closed): Jpeg lossless rotation
we rotate images using a flag in the metadata - hence, rotation *is lossless* even if the image size is not a multipl...


16:50 nomacs - Image Lounge Feature #830: How to deploy a global configuration file?
I have now added this feature:
- here is the beta:
- he...


10:53 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #809 (Duplicate): Flip image horizontally/vertically in Frameless mode
10:53 nomacs - Image Lounge Feature #810: Flip image horizontally/vertically in Frameless mode
if you hit Alt in frameless view, you will find the menu at the top - there is Adjustments -> Flip.
Is this d...


15:25 nomacs - Image Lounge Feature #808 (Feedback): Image Tagging
you can achieve this with the rating feature: _Panels > File Info_ (or pressing 0-5). The stars are then also ...


14:03 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #806: Zoom Funktion
ich weiss nicht ob es etwas hilft, aber mit Panels > Overview kann eine genaue Zoomstufe gewählt werden (per tastatur...
14:00 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #807: Fenster Overlay
stimmt, danke!
(notiz an mich: vor dem overlay muss der WindowState gereseted werden)


18:51 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #802: After installation Nomacs does not show as a choice for "Default App". Windows 10
please try the latest version:
+ you need the installed version (not portable) for nomac...
18:41 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #799: Zoom - Should follow the mouse
it does - unless the image is smaller than the window

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