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21:12 nomacs - Image Lounge Support #798: Latest version
I can confirm this version labeling bug.
The installer was presenting version _3.6.2_, installed is version _3.6.1_ ...


18:28 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #746 (New): Wrong text formatting in the Pong game easter egg
I've just noticed that the text in Pong game (easter egg) is not formatted correctly. Probably the coding is not...


11:44 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #697: Translation is not loaded correctly
Thanks, I've noticed the strings were re-added to Crowdin, so I'll translate them again. It's not that big problem.


19:08 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #697 (Closed): Translation is not loaded correctly
My nomacs is set to Czech language. According Crowdin, nomacs should now have full Czech translation. If I open the S...


11:34 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #483: Background color
Setting color to 101 101 101 works as expected, background is changed so as the color preview. Problem is only with t...


16:50 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #483: Background color
This should be the default setting, nomacs was restarted (otherwise changes won't take effect), but still the same pr...


15:56 nomacs - Image Lounge Feature #486 (Closed): Border around image
Hello, I need to option to display border around the image.
Example: I have too images, they have the same size and ...
14:39 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #481: some items can not be translated
Zoom label (e.g. "234.4%"). In Czech languge there should comma instead of dot as decimal separator and also there sh...
14:30 nomacs - Image Lounge Feature #485 (Closed): Image dimensions in status bar
it would be great to display image dimensions also in status bar. In header it's not very visible (especially...
14:14 nomacs - Image Lounge Bug #484 (Closed): Skipping files / bad sorting
In some cases, the default sort order (by file names) doesn't work (even if the option is checked) and images are dis...

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