Reset Settings


  • Close all nomacs instances
  • Open a Windows Explorer
  • In the address bar, type: %appdata%/nomacs/Image Lounge
  • Rename settings.ini to settings-old.ini

nomacs will now launch with default settings.

2 thoughts on “Reset Settings”

  1. It must be very informative! I have seen your post carefully and enjoy it. I’m install Windows Explorer. I am very impressed with your article, tips, and tricks. Hope that you will share such an effective post regularly, Thanks.

  2. I just “found” Nomacs on a new MX-linux install. Thank you for making your work available. One issue / question I have is that I cannot set the paper size away from the minority American “US Letter” to EU “A4” size as a default. Is there a conf file or the like that can be set please?

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