Thank You

19 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. I very much appreciate this excellent and useful image editor and if you do like and use this software, please do consider making a donation like I have so that development of Nomacs can continue.

    1. Was just digging through the settings and this looks really powerful – very customizable!

      Here’s a fun mystery – is the Intergraph tg4 image format proprietary? I’ve been looking for years for a free converter that can take a 1bit (tiled) tg4 file and convert it to, say, a 1bit tiff or 1bit png. It just doesn’t seem to exist! Do you know anything about tg4?

      Just figured I’d share the hunt with someone developing image processing software 🙂

  2. Thank you for this program. I often download many files and have to crop, resize, and change file types, and this is so much easier and faster than loading each one into a photo editor if all they need are these simple adjustments.

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