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  1. A little donation from me. This is not just your average image viewer, it’s really a viewer that acts like a software. I don’t use it at 100% yet. But on Windows 10 it’s fast (way faster than the Windows 10 default image viewer). I don’t use Faststone viewer because I find it too bulky and takes time to launch. Need to convert an image into .icon file? No problem. Want to read gif file? No problem. Do you want to adjust brigthness/contrast, hue/saturation, etc without opening Photoshop? No problem. Really, an amazing piece of soft! THANK YOU – with love from Switzerland

  2. I very much appreciate this excellent and useful image editor and if you do like and use this software, please do consider making a donation like I have so that development of Nomacs can continue.

    1. Was just digging through the settings and this looks really powerful – very customizable!

      Here’s a fun mystery – is the Intergraph tg4 image format proprietary? I’ve been looking for years for a free converter that can take a 1bit (tiled) tg4 file and convert it to, say, a 1bit tiff or 1bit png. It just doesn’t seem to exist! Do you know anything about tg4?

      Just figured I’d share the hunt with someone developing image processing software 🙂

  3. Thank you for this program. I often download many files and have to crop, resize, and change file types, and this is so much easier and faster than loading each one into a photo editor if all they need are these simple adjustments.

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