Why webP

according to a feature request from dadatamada we took a closer look to the webP format. the screenshot shows a nightly build of nomacs with webP load/save functionality. if an image needs to be compressed, webP shows a far better image quality while decreasing the file size. note that the jpg compressed image (right) has 16.6 KB while the webP image only needs 6.8 KB. another advantage is the fact that webP features a full (8bit) alpha channel and supports lossless compression…

why webp

3 thoughts on “Why webP”

  1. hi, I just installed nomacs, never heard of it before stumbling upon an animated .webp that other players fail to load.
    Except qView that did the job out of the box.
    Nomacs might seem to work, but there is no animation of the animated webp I tried to open.
    What is the command / shortcut / menu to start playing the animation ?

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